How to Prevent the Bug of Plagiarism in College Students?

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Let us discuss why and how college and university going students are entangled in this concept which is discouraged and dejected by every educational facility.


Plagiarism is considered totally unethical but let us be honest, how many of us have not performed this unscrupulous activity in the years of our college? Similarly, five out of every ten students perform this activity in their schools, high schools or even colleges. But what drives them towards this immoral and corrupt practice? Why do they plagiarize material when they have their own neurons working within their mind? It is their lethargy! Students do not want to compete and participate, they avoid and run from hard work and fail to develop the understanding of mental exertion. For them, success has to be achieved from the easy path with no effort and struggle. Young students, for example, in their early school or high school years take help from this concept, by totally copying and pasting the material for their own good. They do not understand that this concept is totally scandalous and not appreciated by the professionals. We can start by highlighting the negativity of plagiarism; some students do not even understand and realize what plagiarism is. For them it is just taking help from the online available articles by copying the exact words and sentences. They should be taught that repetition and replication of data without citing the correct sources is stealing. Even the college and university going students who are mature enough to understand the concept, perform the same activity, intentionally or unintentionally. That is why, a new system of checks and balance has been introduced which is known as the plagiarism detection software. Different international education related organizations have initiated the concept and this has been, since then used by various schools and colleges. Let us talk about this new resolution and its elements.


The answers given by the software are a hundred percent correct in nature, they do not only mention the sources through which the material has been copied but also highlights how much of the writing material has been copied and where in the document. It is, hence precise and particular in nature. Moreover, it can also give the sources of the texts that have been copied, it can easily match from which and what part of the world the basic document was written and then make comparisons as the software easily highlights the plagiarized part.


Other than being accurate and truthful in nature, it is fast. It is one of the latest technological inventions, encouraged by the educationists all over the world. Fast so that many of the teachers without spending too much time on an assignment, can place the document within the software and get fruitful results within seconds or even minutes! The results are given at the same moment with complete correctness and precision.

Beneficial for the writers

If you are an online writer and your work is highly appreciated by the online readers, but you are nervous of the fact that you might unintentionally get entangled in the web of plagiarism, then this software is the right choice for you. After writing material, you can take help from this software and in the end, it can give you constructive results by mentioning what part of your work is from another source or even if no part is plagiarized, it can be an overseer as it confirms that no part of your work is imitative and gives you a green signal to post it online.


Although, its accessibility is not yet that common, but many educational facilities have incorporated the use of this software to keep a check on their students; after the initiation of this, the number of plagiarized content has greatly decreased to an extent.

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