5 Effective tips for getting rehired back to your old job

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In the spur of the moment or due to unusual circumstances, you had to leave the job that you were comfortable at. At first, you decided in your ego that you will not look back to the old place again.

However, after searching and not finding a job not like your old one for a long time, you miss your old place and want to go back. If you think that getting rehired is impossible, think again. You likely have better chances of scoring your old job back than someone else applying there. Here are few effective tips that can land you back in your old cubicle.

1. Prepare your reasons for wanting your job back

Your old employer will be very interested in learning why you left the job in the first place. You will need to convince your employer in a way that you get your old job back and do not have to face the same reasons for leaving job in the first place again.

2. Get up to date on your old employer

Keep yourself updated with the progress of your old company, and keep your eyes and ears open regarding any available positions. There might be old friends retiring or a company posting up a new vacancy.

Contact HR: Maybe during your last tenure, you knew your HR colleagues. Is there someone who can get you an insider view of the company? HR teams know what is going on with the company recruitment plan, and they can update you on it.

Connect with old friends: When many people leave their jobs, they immediately cut off connections with their colleagues. If that was you, it’s time to look people up on LinkedIn and reconnect with your old colleagues.

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3. Improve yourself

Improve yourself to get your old job backBefore you left, you must have been aware of the skills that the company wanted you to improve. Use this time to work on such skills and improve them in whatever way possible. Working on your weaknesses will ensure that your former employer has no reason to reject you.

Increase Your Network: You might have a better chance if you are referred to your old company by a new employer. In order to increase your chances of getting rehired, make sure you make new relevant connections.

Strengthen what you were trained in: During your previous tenure, you must have undergone special training to become a part of that company. Strengthen up your skills, and point it out to your employer that you are capable enough to re-join the company.

4. Assure your employer

You have worked at the company before, so your employer trusts you more than someone new. However, you will need to assure your employer of any doubts that they might have so they choose you over a new candidate.

Express eagerness: Tell your employer that you really loved the job. Don’t beg. You might express your eagerness by agreeing to work on a temporary basis or on a probationary status if it helps your employer welcome you back.

5. Use your old employer’s habit to your advantage 

Your company might go on weekly social outings, or they might have a local pub or café nearby where your employees hang out. Use that to your advantage when you are looking back to connect with your clients again. Go out to such places for tea or coffee so that you can have a better chance of meeting them.

Follow the tips above with a little extra element of confidence and communication skills. You will have your old job back in no time.

About the author: Keity Adrian works as an advisor for a reputed UK firm, specializing in using her vast academic expertise to advise students who need professional assistance.

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