How important is time management for students?

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Boris Dzhingarov

We all know the college carefree life when every adult problem seems so distant and far way that we don’t even care about it. A student’s life is all about discovering and experimenting and finally realizing what makes you happy (if you are lucky). So, is it important to think about life, serious issues, job skills and other “serious” stuff during the college years or should you try to have the best time of your life and leave all these things after your graduate?

Time Is Of The Essence

Time passes by so easily, that sometimes we forget about our priorities and what we want to do with our lives and we just let things flow. This doesn’t mean that you should quit having fun, going to parties, visiting new cities and discovering the world, but it does meant that if you want to become someone valuable in the future, you should start working on this aspect from college. After all, you have problems after college so you should avoid them fast.

In order to be happy, you should enjoy everything in your life at a moderate level. This means that you can party, you can study, you can travel, you can work, and you can do anything, as long as you don’t exaggerate. In this way, you get to have the fun experience that you want and make the best out of your college years as well.


As highlighted by many great infographics, when it comes to time management, the golden rule is to schedule everything. It sounds really dull and it may lack creativity, but organizing your time can actually be the system that you have been waiting for. By scheduling your daily routine (and sticking to it) you can actually make time for everything you want to do during the day (and the night).

For example, you should schedule your sleeping hours, your laundry hours, the time you leave for the party and even when you are going to call your parents. It might sound extremist, but the explanation is simple: if you want to do everything, you need to know when it happens and how long it takes.

Improve Your Systems

You can’t expect that the first system will actually work at 100%. There are always things that can be improved so that you can improve your system and make it more efficient. There are college students that work with timesheets and papers, there are others who use their phones or tablets and there are some who rely on color-coding and sticky notes. There is no viable solution that can prove to be 100% effective for everyone. You need to try various methods and see how it works.


You should always leave room for the unexpected. There are many things that can occur over the day and you need to be prepared. Your roommate might have just announced his birthday party two days from now or you have to leave town for the holidays a few days early; things do happen and you should always be prepared to deal with them.

Time management is always an issue that needs your constant attention and determination. Additionally, healthy eating habits should be another concern that any student should have. It’s important to mind what you eat, because it can affect your productivity, your efficiency and even your mood.


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