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7 dream jobs for students who love socializing

Real estate agent with couple buying new house

Real estate agent with couple buying new house. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

If you like working with other people and find it easy to teach, empathize and persuade them, you’ll probably love a job that can make use of your people skills. Fortunately, there are lots of professional opportunities for those who simply love socializing – here are 7 dream jobs that will be perfect for you if you’re a people person.

1. Marketing manager

According to Laurence Shatkin, author of 150 Best Jobs for Your Skills, this is the highest-paying job that is practically based on social skills. As a marketing manager, you’ll be mostly working with teams on developing marketing strategies for brands in various industries.

Being extrovert works great here – your people skills will help you in determining what your target audience needs and wants. On this basis, you’ll be able to accurately predict public reactions to brand’s content and build brand awareness using your valuable connections.

2. Event planner

The optimal social skills job, an event planner will be responsible for all aspects of event planning that range from booking venues and choosing catering services to employing professionals and training staff to help them provide a great service.

Event planners must like to socialize – from finding great people to help host events to collaborating with venue owners, caterers and, most importantly, clients, event planners live dynamic lives full of interactions with other people.

3. Real estate agent

Selling houses and apartments requires excellent people skills – not only during the actual presentation of properties, but also for fruitful socialization with past, current and prospective clients.

Successful real estate agents find numerous occasions to share their interests with other people – if you like to play golf, for instance, find clients who like it too and invite them for a game. The key is to participate in activities your prospects are already involved in – always honestly sharing their interests.

4. Public relations manager

Similarly to marketing, public relations is basically about building relationships with the public via various media. PR experts are excellent communicators whose job is to bridge the gap between clients and their audiences.

Their daily task is getting the message out there – and that’s mainly done by keeping in touch with various media people who help to publish press releases and broadcast communications. Perks of the job often include invitations to exclusive events, special product launches and other exciting social gatherings.

5. Restaurant manager

The main task of restaurant managers is to manage customer experience at their restaurant. They often coordinate other aspects of its everyday operation, like dealing with suppliers and buying wine.

Interacting with customers is, however, of the greatest importance – as a restaurant manager, you’ll be out there constantly, chatting with customers, recommending wines and making their experience at the restaurant as great as it can get.

6. Fundraiser

Those are the individuals who help raise money for organizations, companies or simply some recognized causes. As a fundraiser, you’ll be cultivating your philanthropic relationships, keeping in touch with potential sponsors and organizing charity events. Your basic role will be pitching people, showing them why your cause matters and persuading them to supporting your organization or charity.

7. Hotel manager

This is another job that will be perfect for professionals who love to socialize. Being a hotel manger means you’ll be training, supporting and encouraging hotel workers to do the best job possible, as well as making sure that hotel guests have fun and memorable holidays.

The trick here is to manage customer experience – ensuring smooth operation and charming the guests from their very arrival to their departure are activities a people person will simply have to enjoy. Otherwise, you will not be happy with your job and you might spoil the holidays for your guests.

It’s clear that social skills are essential to those and many other fantastic opportunities that are simply waiting for you to take them and build a great career. Obviously, being a people person is usually not the only requirement for those jobs, but in many cases – it is the most vital one.

Tamara Smith is an Australian Content Marketing Specialist working for ForSaleForLease and privately a great fan of home redecoration magazines which she devours whenever she is not working.

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