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Recruiting agencies can be tough to deal with. At times, they appear less cooperative, difficult to catch up with, and demanding with their list of requirements. Bear in mind that they are being paid to “fill in positions” rather than finding everyone a job. Recognize the difference between the two before you take actions personally.

Nevertheless, a recruiter is willing to work with you and do whatever it takes to find you a suitable job. A key to working with them the right way is by harnessing the relationship.

Here are tips on how you can skip the job board and make the most out of the recruiting agency instead.

1) Find a Recruiter Who Works for Your Preferred Industry: Not all recruiters work for the same type of organizations. Many are focused on a particular industry or type of candidate. While some recruiters are focused on filling in sales and marketing positions, others may be focused on only top candidates with 10+ years of experience. Don’t waste your time with the ones you know are not “right” for you. A recruiter wouldn’t know which industry or category of work you are interested in. It is your job to approach the right kind.

2) Demonstrate Your Skills and Experience: Don’t think of a recruiter as your pal or a referee who will find you the next best job around. Recruiters will act like employers themselves to know which candidate is right for which position. These are directions given to them by their clients and in order to satisfy their (employers) needs and keep their businesses running, they need to be 100% sure they are suggesting the right fit.

Demonstrate your skills and experience through your resume and be prepared for an interview. It is important to include the stats of the contributions you made. For example, if you were an assignment writer in the past, you should mention the number of successful assignments you have completed.

Pretend you are working with an employer. Put your best foot forward and be professional even while you are working with a recruiter. Remember they are the gateway to your prospective employer. Show them that you hold the right key and they will show you the way to the right gate.

3) Be Honest: You may be able to fake it with recruiters, but once you move forward, their client will be unhappy with the result. Be honest and upfront about your current job search and your credentials. Don’t waste your time lying to a recruiter about your potential because even if you succeed in duping them, you won’t get far from there.

It is also important to clarify your expectations before they suggest you to an employer. Let your recruiter know what type of a job you are interested in including the salary, timing, and location you prefer. Don’t waste your time or theirs by being unclear about your expectations or feeling disappointed afterwards with what you get.

4) Double-Check their Websites: A great resume or cover letter should suffice in most cases. However, many recruiters have other various lists of requirements. Check their websites for any additional requirements before you approach them. They could require your credentials via email and prefer to be contacted through phone. This does not apply to every recruiter, so be sure you check!

5) Seek Recruiters Besides those in Your Own City: Recruiters are only responsible for finding candidates in the same city or location you live in. They could be working for an employer from another state, city, or even country. If time and travel is not an issue, don’t limit yourself to local recruiters. You might find that another recruiting agency has better opportunities or better clients. Don’t be afraid to pack your bags and travel to that location for better job possibilities.

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