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Learn Time Management Skills in your College; you will thank yourself

William Frierson AvatarWilliam Frierson
April 20, 2015

Education and time management concept - student showing clock

Education and time management concept – student showing clock. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Human beings are creatures who remain busy in doing nothing. Whether, it’s a weekday or a weekend, we remain busy. We are so busy, that one cannot take out time to meet other or have a word with each other.

We do talk to each other but that’s called a chat these days. Now a days, communication is made so easier that one need not to do an extra effort to approach others. Internet has made this world smaller while making us all a little busier. If not doing work, we must be busy in sleeping, busy in chatting, busy in stalking Facebook profiles or may be busy in just surfing the internet.

After being so busy, definitely you must have ended up in bearing one of these thoughts in your mind:

  • Your life is a mess.
  • You don’t have time.
  • You are tired of such a busy and timeless life.
  • You have such an unorganized life.
  • Your life is full of surprises.
  • You don’t know how to take out time for other things. And many more similar thoughts.

This is not only you who comes up with these thoughts. Many people think the same when they are tangled in work and circumstances of life. These thoughts can be avoided if you learn the art of managing time. An unorganized life is lived by a person who doesn’t have control over time. Although, nobody can have a control over time but yes we can conquer time by managing it properly.

As said by Earl of Chesterfield “I recommend you take care of the minutes and the hours will take care of themselves.” A person who knows to manage time can live a sorted and organized life. This art should be learnt at initial levels of our lives. The best time to introduce this art is when you enter that phase of your life where liberty and freedom are introduced. That time is after you come out of your school life and enter your college life.

Till the time you are in school, you are being monitored by school & tuition, teachers and your parents. Each step taken is under their guidance. But when you enter a college you are gifted with various freedoms by your teachers and parents which includes freedom, decision making and independence to name a few. And this is the phase of life where you have to work on managing time. You have to take out time for studies, fun, family, college friends, school friends, relatives, and you have to dedicate time for your passion & make efforts for a bright career. With so many changes taking place altogether in your life, you might not be able to manage time. Thus, this is the time when you actually need to learn managing things for an organized life. This is because things get worsen after this. In a later stage you will not be able to manage things, rather things will get messy.

Importance of time management

“A man who dares waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life” said Charles Darwin.

There are numerous points that can state the importance of time management in one’s life. Following are a few points that states the importance of time management:

  • Make things sorted and organized

Things get organized and sorted by managing time. Everything is done at their designated time. Things are at place and no extra efforts are being made for the work to be done. Everything takes place timely and chances of delaying things or losing opportunities reduces.

  • Success soon

An organized man is a successful man. A person who is clear with his targets achieves success sooner than others. Clarity of things can only be developed with time management. With a perfect plan, a person can achieve his goals and fulfil his dreams as per the planning.

  • Reduce stress and adds discipline

Obviously, one who is messed up in things will definitely have a boggled mind. Confusion leads to stress which makes difficult for one to lead a peaceful life. For a happy, passive and disciplined life, manage your time and place your things at place.

How to manage time?

1. Plan in advance

You must have a vision to forecast what can or what will happen tomorrow. Planning in advance helps in balancing workload and minimizes the possibility of failure of a task or work not being done on time. With a schedule or a planner, you are sorted for the day/ week/ month for the things that have to take place. Mark your assignments, test or practice well in advance for no confusion. Also, with this you don’t end up in confusing things and can devote time to individual things.

2. Prioritize your work

First things must be done first. Things that are less important must be done at the last. You must manage things in such a way that you should not lag behind in doing thing that matters the most. You have to write important things first and then the lesser important things in your planner / schedule.

3. Learn to say no

You have to compromise with situations and circumstances. Learn to say no to the things that affect your schedule or disturbs your time management. Try to stick to your plans so that no alterations are being made in your planner. Sometimes saying no works and you are able to achieve your goals easily. Sometimes working on an assignment instead of partying might make your day.

4. Try to work through checklist

Early morning planning for each day might work as a miracle in your time management. Make a list of things to be done with the time to be consumed by them. Mark out the things that are done and make notes of things to be altered or added for the next day. With this you can achieve your targets with full perfection and sooner.

5. Learn multi-tasking

Students are those utensils that can be molded easily and can fit anywhere. Try to learn to multi task. Plan in such a way with which you could do more than on work at a time. Spend your commutation time in a better way. Rather than just looking around, make a fruitful use of that time by either reading newspaper or books or researching for the homework. Try and find out of other ways of multi-tasking to save time and make better use of leisure time.

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