Digital Tactics To Help Land Your First Post-Grad Job

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Man use pc tablet. Job search background.

Man using pc tablet. Job search background. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

After graduation, we start to worry about more serious issues. We are no longer bothered whether we will give correct answers on our exams, and whether we will be satisfied with our mid-term grades. We need to focus and give our life new purpose. In other words, we need to land our first job. Easier said than done, to say the least. We become a part of a vicious loop known as the “Job-Experience paradox”.

You need to land a job in order to gain experience, and of course, you need experience in order to get a job. Luckily, there is a way to create a nice professional image of yourself, to help you overcome this obstacle. It is known as digital tactics, and here are the ways to implement them, to help you land your first job.

Creating a LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn has become somewhat of a necessity nowadays, since everybody opts for this approach. All of your college friends and acquaintances that you know as either goofy or wasted, look like full-fledged professionals all of a sudden. It is an amazing opportunity to construct your very own online CV.

Write about your previous experience in this particular field, and list your set of skills on your profile. Endorse your friends and acquaintances in order for them to return the favor. Now you have a solid online profile that your potential employer can look up. Additionally, LinkedIn allows you to blog, which is truly a golden opportunity for you.

You can offer a valuable insight and gain more connections in this manner. By blogging, you are actually proving that you have the necessary knowledge for a particular line of work and you are, once again, boosting your profile and proving your level of proficiency.

Create your CV online

Nowadays, a CV can be submitted online, which makes the whole process of applying for a job significantly easier.

Make sure you squeeze out every useful piece of information related to your field of expertise and previous experience, like volunteering. There are various recruitment agencies, looking forward to put your talents to good use.

Since you are submitting your CV online, you can always put links to your online social network profiles and blogs. Remember to state that you are a team player, that you are open for suggestions and that you know how to receive criticism. These are all important traits, which your future boss will certainly value.

Your Social Network Profiles

I am sure you had a very good time during your student years, and also, you must have various photos on your Facebook profile to prove it. Unfortunately, they have got to go, additionally, your tweets that are inappropriate are also to be removed.

You need to build a new image for yourself, one that can show your future employers that you are serious. Show that you know how to use social networks for social media marketing. This is a valuable skill in today’s world, just as much as blogging.

If you know how to spread your online influence and are able to prove so, with your profiles, you will be perceived as a valuable asset. Do not hesitate to use various tools that can help you with gaining followers on your Twitter and Instagram account. Be active on Pinterest and Google+ as well. The more influence you have the better.

Use your smartphone in a smart way

There are numerous apps that you can download and use, for the sake of tracking down potential jobs.

You can always be informed this way, if there is an opening in your near vicinity, and look up the potential employer. JobAware, Resume Builder Pro, Interview Questions Pro, SuperJobSearch, LunchMeet, iPQ Career Planner – these are all the apps that you can use in order to prepare yourself for landing a job.

These apps will help you in your search, as well as prepare you for the interview, etc. As mentioned, you do not have anyone to guarantee for the level of your experience, you need to show it yourself. It also shows you are experienced in the field of modern technology, which is another valuable skill for modern businesses.

My name is Sharon Armstrong, Managing Director of Award Nominated Recruitment Agency, Armstrong Appointments. We specialise in executive and specialist skills recruitment both nationally and internationally.

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