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Control Interview Nerves to Be at Your Best

Okay, so you have landed the job or internship interview you’ve been waiting for.  Congratulations!  Now, though, as the big day approaches, you are getting nervous.  Being nervous is not necessarily a bad thing; it is human nature and just means you understand the importance of the impression you make and do not want to take the interview for granted.  The key is understanding how to control your nerves.  Here is some information to help you feel better.

You’re already a contender – By scoring an interview, a prospective employer has already shown some interest in you.  Going into the meeting, the goal is to prove that you are the most qualified candidate and separate yourself from the competition.

Remember to be yourself – Most, if not all, of us are comfortable when just being ourselves.  Take this same approach into an interview.  Be confident in who you are and what you have to offer.  Even if you don’t get the job or internship, at least you can say you were your best self.

Your research is done – Once you decided on the job you wanted to apply for, learning as much as possible about the company was a necessity to get an interview opportunity.  Now that you have it, make sure you have enough knowledge to answer any potential questions from the interviewer.  Also, create your own list of questions to ask if there is time; this shows the interviewer that you’ve done your research and are truly interested in the job and the company.

What are some other things to keep in mind to control your nerves before an interview?

  • Schedule a morning interview
  • Practice answering interview questions
  • Check document folder
  • Get a good night sleep
  • Eat light
  • Arrive to the interview early
  • Think positive

Being nervous before a job or an internship interview is normal.  However, you can’t allow your nerves to get the best of you.  Use the tips above to control your nerves so you can be at your best to get the position you want.

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