Cloud Computing Skyrockets with Job Opportunities

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Unemployment down 5.5 percent, tech industry a main reason

Heads that are high in the clouds about landing a job should look no further than cloud computing itself.

According to a Bureau of Labor Statistics report, 295,500 U.S. jobs were added in February alone, bringing the unemployment rate down by 5.5 percent. Out of the 295,500 new jobs, 51,000 of them were in the professional and business service industry (second largest gain after food/beverage industry), tech consulting being at the top of the industry to land a job, with the majority of 7,000 out of the 51,000 career additions.

So now the question is: Which tech consulting career is best? The answer is in the cloud. It shouldn’t take a lot of consulting to realize that cloud computing is transforming the workings of the internet from how we save, upload and share. In time, the cloud will become second nature to the globe. With that said, now is the time to make your start in a cloud career.

According to Aaron Ross, President of Ross Backup, a fast-growing cloud computing company, technology skills are of course important to be successful in cloud computing and the tech industry as a whole, but the most important skills are social skills. He noticed that young college graduates looking to get involved in the technology sector did not always seem to understand the importance of treating others with respect.

“Programmers or coders have to work in close proximity to one another. When you hire socially inept workers, it causes friction and lowers productivity. I would choose a bright, weaker-skilled employee with a better personality any day. Skills can be learned faster than trying to develop a new personality.”

Ross continued:

“Also, dealing with customers has become a nightmare in the digital age, and it’s not the customers’ fault. For some reason, some of the younger hires have forgotten (or were never taught), that the customer is always right. I’ve found that hiring 40 to 60-year-olds to do customer support has always resulted in a more pleasant experience. Frankly, employees are easier to replace than a lost customer!”

Cloud career seekers, you heard the expert. To sharpen your social skills, practice these three quick tips and you’ll be on cloud nine:

1. Work on tech projects with others if you haven’t already.

This will allow you to understand collaboration, compromise and other personalities in general.

2. Always be respectful and kind.

Practice talking on the phone with a smile to sound happy and stay energized. This will help you in customer relations.

3. Remember the customer is always right.

You’re a problem solver after all. As practice, try helping family, friends or any individuals who have tech issues and be conscious of how you interact with them socially.

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