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4 Graduate Degrees to Help You Make a Difference

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Boris Dzhingarov

Although college is often thought of as a way to make one more desirable on the job market, increasing one’s credentials doesn’t have to mean forsaking public service entirely. There are many career paths that are both lucrative and socially beneficial. Of course, higher credentials are often the key to both better jobs and more meaningful work. Here are four degrees you can pursue after your Bachelor’s that will let you make a difference in your community.

Master of Criminal Justice

In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by several groups, and all of them need specialized training. A Master in Criminal Justice teaches a student how to participate in the process of arresting, trying, and housing perpetrators at multiple levels. Many programs offer differing concentrations, letting the student decide what role they wish to play. Those already working in the system and looking to burnish credentials to increase promotability might consider doing an online masters in criminal justice, so that they can continue to move up in the system while also acquiring valuable credentials.

Master of Laws

Of course, the criminal justice system also needs lawyers. Although the Juris Degree is enough to practice law in the United States, many prospective lawyers want to find a way to distinguish themselves with even more credentials. The Master of Laws degree (sometimes known as the LL.M.) allows future lawyers to study a particular concentration in-depth, gaining experience and knowledge to practice a specialized kind of law. Whether environmental or contract or entertainment, the specialization offered by an LL.M lets a prospective lawyer make their career their own.

Master of Social Work

Maybe you’re less interested in the processes of trial and incarceration, but more interested in trying to keep people from falling into the system in the first place. A Master’s degree in Social Work trains the recipient to navigate the treacherous waters of federal and state aid programs, letting them guide those in need of assistance to the resources to help them survive and thrive. A career in social work is perfect for those with empathy and a drive to help their fellows, and a Master’s degree can unlock the doors to higher-paid, higher-responsibility jobs in the bureaucratic hierarchy.

Master of Public Administration

The other side of the public service machine is the administration. For every worker helping people in the field, someone needs to be back at the office, making the paperwork sing. The Master of Public Administration knows the bureaucratic side of public bureaus like the back of their hand, and is able to maximize the efficiency and workflow of an office. For those with the right combination of people skills, management acumen, and numerical expertise, an MPA can be the ticket to a secure job guiding the function of public works to perfection.

The only way to improve one’s community is to roll up one’s sleeves and get to work. While there are roles for everyone in these fields, certain kinds of training make you more useful than others. Any of the above degrees will let you know you are being the change you want to see.

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