Opportunity for Graduates – What Jobs are in Demand, and Where

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Image of happy young graduates throwing hats in the air

Image of happy young graduates throwing hats in the air. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

The economy is always changing to meet demand and circumstances. Whether it’s newly developed technology or shifting demographics, more plentiful and diverse opportunities are becoming available for college graduates. Not every part of the US is kind to graduates of any discipline, of course. This article should be able to provide insight on where demand is highest for particular fields of study:

Social Work

Social workers are in demand on both coasts of the U.S. To be specific, if you’re looking for work in Northern California or Northeastern America, the odds of finding suitable work are good. Graduates with social work degrees will be highly desired in the future economy, as social work is applicable to so many increasingly important roles in society.


The nursing workforce is facing the threat of a shortage in the future. Data on the nursing field states that a third of the nurse workforce is over 50, and a half of that group is eyeing retirement within the next decade. Factor in the baby boomer generation growing older and more vulnerable to illness, and you can guarantee that students fresh from nursing schools will be in demand in the near future. California and Florida currently have the highest demand for nurses, but as the shortage draws closer demand will be more widespread.


While it can be said the nation is still recovering from the market crash of ’08, the financial services job market is recovering nonetheless, albeit in a peculiar way. Jobs are coming back, but also seem to be migrating away from Wall St and similar strongholds. Relatively smaller cities, like New Orleans, Phoenix, and Salt Lake City tend to attract financial workers in spite of a lesser salary, which would be offset anyway by the cheaper costs of living and is therefore ideal for recent graduates with Finance degrees.

Clean Energy

Clean energy startups and other entrepreneurial endeavors are on the rise as innovation makes green technology, like solar, turn out higher output at lower costs. California has been known to be central in the development of clean energy, but as it turns out, Texas has been fertile ground for green ideas and innovation, especially for wind. New college programs e.g. renewable energy engineering provide a gateway into this new exciting industry.


California’s Silicon Valley and SoCal area have been major players in the tech and software industries, growing with no signs of stopping. Startups and giant corporations alike are developing new apps, expanding on cloud services, producing brilliant web sites for ecommerce and content, and everything else that makes California welcoming to the tech savvy. Computer science and web design majors would do well looking to the West Coast for a career.

Aaron is a writer with an eye for change in the US job market, looking at how developments in technology and cultural shifts are shaping the future for college graduates and other job seekers.

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