Considering A Career As A Criminal Lawyer

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Lawyer and judge speaking next to the criminal in handcuffs in the court room

Lawyer and judge speaking next to the criminal in handcuffs in the court room. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Criminal lawyers defend individuals, organizations, and entities that have been accused and charged with a crime. These attorneys handle a diverse array of criminal cases, ranging from violent crimes to drug crimes and corporate crimes. Like all other lawyers, criminal lawyers must obtain the necessary degrees and certification wherever they intend to practice.

Required Skills

To succeed at their profession, criminal lawyers have excellent oral and written persuasive skills to argue a client’s case before a judge and influence a jury. It is also important to have good research and investigative skills to build a case and establish a strong defense for a client. A criminal lawyer must also use creative thinking and analytical abilities to develop a strategy, analyze law for cases, and litigate the more complex cases.

Also necessary is an in-depth understanding of laws, rules, and court procedures, as well as local judges in order to efficiently navigate the criminal justice system. Additionally, it is important to have good interpersonal skills to build a strong client-attorney relationship. The ability to not only attract but retain clients is essential in the world of criminal defense.


Law schools offer internships to students who would like to gain legal work experience through their partner law firms. This is very beneficial for students because they would have the chance to actually experience firsthand the work of a lawyer. It is best to go for internship programs that provide the student with thorough experience on legal documentation, litigation support, and court practicum. Such skills would aid the student in their law practice after passing the Bar Exam.

Work Environment

Many criminal lawyers work in a solo firm or private practice. Some work for the government as public defenders or work for non-profit agencies. A criminal lawyer often has a schedule that consists of working long, irregular hours. This includes frequently meeting with clients outside their office at venues such as the courthouse, hospitals, and prisons. Most criminal defense lawyers maintain a local practice.

Law is one of the professions many think of when naming a successful career choice. For those who choose the legal profession, becoming a criminal lawyer is challenging but can also be quite rewarding. The career opens a path to a future of greater career options.

This blog post comes from Quinn & Scattini, a criminal lawyer and a family lawyer in Brisbane and Gold Coast area. Their blog is your source of the latest news from the legal industry.

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