5 Ways to Keep up Your Optimism while Searching for a Job

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Unemployment can really kill the high spirits of even some of the most optimistic people. Expenses keep adding up, people won’t stop asking you about your progress, and your utter boredom is enough to keep reminding you again and again about how you’re just too “free” to be normal. Life’s tough, but that shouldn’t keep you from going on and realizing your aspirations.

Remember, everyone goes through this phase at some point of their life and it sure isn’t easy for them either. Now, you might be thinking of the list of people who immediately got a job without much hassle. However, the first opportunity you leap into isn’t always the best.

From my own personal experience, I’ve seen a lot of people who simply grab the first chance they get of a “well-paid” job (or what they think is a well-paid job) only to quit it later because it wasn’t satisfying another need. That go-get-it attitude isn’t always rewarding in the long-term because you haven’t really thought through what you really want and explored all possible job opportunities.

When it comes to temporary unemployment,trust me, we have all “been there done that”! It can take six months and sometimes even a year to find a job where you are just the right fit. During that dreadful and dreary time, it’s best to stay positive and keep the ball rolling!

Tips on How to Stay Positive:

1) Keep Yourself Busy: Building a daily routine that is quite full of useful daily activities should keep you going on with your life. Don’t act like a heart-broken lover and learn how to move on with your life! Wake up at the same time every day, eat healthy, sleep healthy, work-out, and do everything that a normal busy person would do. That busy routine will keep you from thinking too much about your “doomed fate” and you’ll feel like just any other normal person.

2) Make Use of the Time Wisely: This could be your time to do what you’ve always really wanted to do but hadn’t had the chance to. Take a course in photography, learn how to cook, read that book you’ve always wanted to read, or anything else you never had the time for. Fulfilling these previously unexplored fantasies will give you a sense of accomplishment. Your days will feel more productive and that sense of productivity and accomplishment combined will serve to keep you positive about your job outlook, as well.

3) Focus on the Positive: You didn’t get the job. You failed the interview. They didn’t accept your CV. During this time you are bound to hear unwelcome news all the time. Train your mind to dismiss the negative information and only focus on the positive. For example, after every job rejection, you could think to yourself about why it really wasn’t a good option in the first place (maybe the salary wasn’t good enough), or a currently pending application is a far more lucrative opportunity.

During my graduate program, I felt helpless not being able to complete my degree. Unpleasant thoughts kept plaguing my mind and each passing moment was making me stress. However, when I tried a bit to keep my optimism flame kindled, good thoughts kept coming up, and it wasn’t too late that solutions also began to pop up. For instance, I discovered UK dissertation writing help to guide me through.

This can go beyond you to professional life, as well. Think about what makes you happy everyday in your life other than your job (it could be your relationship with your significant other, or your children, etc) and maybe that’s what matters more. Hone in to the positive aspects of your life and you’ll realize there is so much more to be grateful for!

4) Stick around Positive and Useful people: The last thing you want to do is hang around with that relative or friend who keeps reminding about how awesome she is because she has a job and you don’t. Distance yourself from negative people (even family) who tend to indirectly remind of your doom and don’t offer help.

On the other hand, it will pay off to connect with the people who could positively contribute to your job hunt. Networking with people who are genuinely willing to help will be a more productive pursuit. You can also join a job search support group to share your experiences and find other people who are willing to help you during your situation.

5) Don’t Forget to Pray: If you’re a religious person, great! If not, you might have an inkling of belief in some sort of superior power may it be the “power of the Universe” Believe it or not, this is one of the most effective strategies in having a positive attitude towards life and remaining optimistic. Studies reveal that “regularly attending religious servicing and maintaining a good faith is associated with a more optimistic outlook on life and a lesser inclination to be depressed”.

Ashley Sanford is an editor and Quality assurance manager. Contact her on Facebook.

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