Being A Really Good Pharmacy Technician

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Laura O. Tolentino

Laura O. Tolentino

Most of the pharmacy technicians will get a lot of training while in an informal setting at the job but the employers will always favor those individuals that completed a formal training and have certification. In order to see a list of the formal education programs to help you become a pharmacy technician, you can click here. After getting through the pharmacy education and the certification program, you will get an entry-level job. Now it is time to further continue your career and keep your eyes on growing.

Working experience is usually gained through community pharmacy work experience or by working in a hospital. This happens before actual employment. The mass experience applicants will manage inventories, measure dosages, count tablets and perform a lot of clerical work. Everything starts with a strong background in biology, English, health education and chemistry.

In order to be a lot better at the work you are about to do, it is time to gain new qualifications. National certification examinations should be seen as being solely the start. A GED or a high school diploma, a lack of convictions or on-job experience are considered in order to get better jobs.

If you want to be a really good pharmacy technician, you need to learn all that you can about the job and what it takes to be really successful in the future. This is not as easy as you may be tempted to believe at first glance. As time passes, you need to increase teamwork and customer service skills so that you can easily interact with coworkers, healthcare professionals and patients. A really strong background in spelling, reading and mathematics are necessary, together with being aware of absolutely everything associated with injection fluids, pills and medication.

Remember the fact that being a really good pharmacy technician is automatically connected to being able to properly deal with stress. This is not a profession that is easy to handle for many candidates. You are faced with a constant interaction that takes place with people and at the same time, there is no real room for mistakes. That is something that counts a lot because of the fact that you should keep learning everything about what happens in the industry and you constantly have to learn details about new medication that appears.

You will obviously want to continue your education and your focus will be put on career advancement. In the really large health systems and pharmacies, the technicians that have a lot of training, proper certification and experience will be promoted to a supervisory position. This means that the professional will oversee other pharmacy technicians. You can even advance further into specialty positions like nuclear pharmacy technician or chemo therapy technician.

As you can easily notice, the career of the pharmacy technician can easily become really interesting. It does usually start in a pharmacy but that does not mean that this is the end. Advancements are always possible and it is not at all difficult to advance if you are patient and you stay focused on the requirements that are available for the next desired position.

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