Kind of personal devices used by students in higher education

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College students in a computer lab

College students in a computer lab. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Using modern technology and personal devices as the means to assistance and enhancing learning for students is now a very common and regular concept.

As the modern world continues to shape up and evolve the change in dynamics that influence, different forms of learning also change. The shift from learning while sitting at a place like classrooms to more virtual kind of studying is now very evident, the use of technology especially the personal devices gain momentum and importance. Students now prefer to use a lot of technology in order to assist them with learning. The concept of distributed learning as they call is now very popular. This means that students who might be enrolled in the same classroom and course will prefer to use their own computers, devices and tablets to learn about it and read their reading materials from their own personal devices once they get done from the lectures. As a matter of fact within the classrooms, now students bring their portable devices to record lectures or notes. Gone are the days when copies and pencils were used to write notes and do assignments.

Such a change makes one wonder if the billions of dollars invested in making traditionally looking classrooms were a mistake by universities and institutions who think the traditional methods of learning are still effective were worth it or not. Instead the same money could be translated into making future-oriented technology based rooms, which will also allow the interest and participation levels of students to rise to a much greater extent. In this blog, our next four sections will talk about the kind of learning and personal devices that have become very common phenomena of today.

Tablets and Phones

Learning through tablets and phones is still a novel concept, but is something which is significantly on a rise. Tablets and phones are now not only used in classrooms by students to assist them in learning, but also very routinely in doing their assignments or coordinating over different projects as a team. The use of smart phone applications has simplified lots of things for students and has given them every opportunity to improve their productivity.

Computers and the Internet

The use of computers and internet is now a very routine concept. However, their continued significance is something surprising. More and more influence from the internet websites and companies is now seen over students as they even prefer to get their work done by some external third party. This is a major revolution in the education industry, when it comes to using personal devices and internet to assist in learning during higher education.

E-Readers and Translators

For students studying in a foreign university where the language can be a barrier in effective learning, using e-readers and translators is slowly gaining a lot of awareness and importance. Chinese students who have problems understanding difficult English are seen to be using different translating devices while studying or listening to a lecture.

Handy cameras and devices

Using cameras which are handy and comfortable to record video blogs and lectures is another refreshing concept among students of higher education who believe in using personal devices to assist and enhance their learning.

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