7 Secrets to Helping Your Teen Unlock Their True Academic Potential

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Teenage students studying in classroom with teacher

Teenage students studying in classroom with teacher. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

When students stand on the threshold of their futures, education is the most important key to their direction. High school studies and all the hard work involved in reaching the ultimate goal of graduation, takes careful planning and learning to identify your teen’s true academic potential. In the final analysis, it’s the student who takes full account of their potential. There are seven secrets to unlocking one’s true academic potential. These include:

. Assess academic strengths and weaknesses
. Stay the course of your academic direction
. Continually review, refresh and update your academic direction
. Compare course of study to career aspirations
. Set reasonable goals
. Study the job market trends
. Plan ahead to avert obstacles

Assess Academic Strengths and Weaknesses

Each year of education forms a pattern of a student’s strengths and weaknesses. Take the opportunity to press ahead with areas of academic strengths by encouraging your teen to extend their talents outside of their usual course of studies.

For example, if their major is a bachelor of communication, they may want to try an internship related to their studies. It’s as important for them to identify their academic weakness, as it is to identify their strengths. Your teen can compile a list of both. Use a “check off” method when each of your strengths and weaknesses improve.

Stay the Course of Your Academic Direction

Once your child chooses the course of study that fits your future plans, it’s important for them not to be distracted or sidelined from their chosen direction. Too often, a student begins a path and when the first obstacle is encountered, switches direction. It’s critical to stay the course of your academic direction to prove your ability to be consistent and persistent when obstacles arise.

Continually Review, Refresh and Update Your Academic Direction

It’s important to enhance your chosen course of study by continually reviewing your progress objectively. Your child can take on additional courses if progress seems to be lacking. This is the time to refresh and update their direction. They can seek a more in depth view of how far along they’ve progressed. Often adding a single new course of study can refresh or update their plans.

Compare Course of Study to Career Aspirations

The sum total of your child’s education is to find a career that is satisfying and rewarding. It’s important to compare their present course of study to their career aspirations. Be certain the studies they choose have viability when their job search begins.

Set Reasonable Goals

The end of each semester is the ideal opportunity for your teen to set reasonable goals and review how well they’ve accomplished them. Their goals should be commensurate with the progress you make in your studies.

Study Job Market Trends

It’s never too soon to study job market trends. This is how your teen will know if their academic potential meets their chosen career direction.

Plan Ahead to Avert Obstacles

It’s important for your teen to have a semblance of foresight so they can sense certain obstacles before they occur. Planning ahead for potential obstacles is one way to unlock your true academic potential.

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