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How to Become a Certified Motor Vehicle Inspector

William Frierson AvatarWilliam Frierson
February 23, 2015

Young inspector, business man inspecting car, doing a checklist

Young inspector, business man inspecting car, doing a checklist. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Vehicle inspection agencies only hire qualified individuals. You need to have the right academic qualifications and enough experience. You must also have worked in a related field for at least 5 years. It is advisable to ensure that you have all the required qualifications prior to applying for any post.

The career road map of becoming a certified vehicle inspector requires you to attend various reputable educational and training institutions. You should consult experts in the field or friends who work in the same fields for the ideal leads.

Requirements for becoming a certified motor vehicle inspector

There are several training requirements that you need to meet for you to become a certified inspector:

30 supervised inspections: At the end of your training you will be expected to perform 30 supervised inspections. You should, therefore, study hard in order to meet the minimum documented quality Level I and V inspection process. These supervised inspections can be part of a training program or while you are working as an employee. You are required to participate in 30 Level I or V under the instructions of a certified expert.

Complete the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA): You will be required to apply online at the FMCSA National Training Center website. You can also learn more what is covered in the course. The Level I Course is a two-part 80- hour course that covers all necessary areas that are required for you to be certified.

One year of professional experience as a vehicle inspector or as a mechanic: This is an alternative to a federal or state vehicles inspection training course. The qualification will help you to become a certified vehicle inspector without having to undergo further training. The FMCSA agency mandates inspections of vehicles involved in interstate commerce and skills to become a certified inspector.

Roadside inspections: There are some states that also require roadside inspections for commercial vehicles. Many states also require that motor vehicles undergo safety inspection by a certified inspector at least annually.

Options to consider when applying to become a certified vehicle inspector

Training and experience are always paramount, even when applying for a job at a used car vehicle inspection agencies. Here are some options you can consider:

• Getting an entry-level job: One of the common and efficient ways to learn this trade is through hands-on experience.

• Becoming certified: Though not mandatory, many employers prefer motor inspectors who hold some kind of certification.

• Attending vocational school or community college: Vocational programs feature more intensive training that lasts from six months to one year. You can also opt to pursue a degree for two years that mainly focuses on vehicle maintenance.

The majority of employers regard the successful completion of a vocational training program in automotive services technology as the perfect preparation for aspiring vehicle inspectors. Statistical studies show that most vehicle and safety specialists get their training through a combination of classroom instruction and on-the- job experience.

To summarize, if you enjoy working with hands and communicating with others, and would like a job that keeps our roads safer, vehicle inspection can be an excellent career for you. Motor vehicle inspectors use a variety of devices and manual tests to evaluate the safety of vehicles. As a result, they ensure that they meet safety standards and government regulations. Used car vehicle inspection agencies only hire qualified applicants.

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