You’ll Never Believe How Few Computer Security Experts Graduated in 2014

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STEM. Virtually every small, medium, and large employer in the country would love to hire additional recent graduates and students with science, technology, engineering, or math degrees. These employers often ask our account management and client services team for suggestions for how we can help those employers hire those with bachelor’s degrees in computer science and sometimes even those with bachelor’s degrees in computer science with a specialty in computer or cyber security.

We knew that the number of these highly skills technology workers were few but we didn’t appreciate just how few until our data science team did some labor market research. We’re making the Excel containing the details of our computer and cyber security labor market research available for free download but, at a high level, we found:

  • 2,032,000 graduated in 2014 with a bachelor’s degree from all U.S. public, private, and for-profit colleges and universities.
  • 52,370 of those majored in computer science. That’s 2.6 percent of the two million grads.
  • 6,360 of those specialized in computer or cyber security. That’s 12 percent of computer science majors and only 0.31 percent of the two million grads.

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So, if your organization is struggling to hire recent graduates or students for computer or cyber security positions, understand that very, very few of these highly skilled workers exist. One solution? Training. Even if your organization is willing to train only computer science majors to do computer or cyber security work then you increase the universe of available candidates by 833 percent. Another solution? Hire graduates or students of two-year colleges, related degrees such as information technology, or even liberal arts majors who have demonstrated an ability to code by, for example, building their own apps. Either way, now the universe of qualified candidates available to you will grow exponentially.

With our new, custom, labor market research and salary data reports, College Recruiter knows:

  • Where every one of the 2,032,000 went to college;
  • The metro in which they reside;
  • Their gender, race, and other diversity characteristics such as military veteran or disabled;
  • If they’re currently employed and how much they’re earning or if they’re not making any money because they’re now in grad school or unemployed;
  • What percent were employed prior to graduation; and
  • Much, much, more.

Intrigued? Contact us today for a firm quote on labor market or salary data research report customized to your needs.

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