How to Find a Real Estate Broker to Work For

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Collage symbolizing the real estate business. Elements of the business.

Collage symbolizing the real estate business. Elements of the business. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

If you are in school and want to work for a real estate broker, you need to consider your options, think of your needs and take your time to choose the right company. When doing so, you can get the most out of the experience. In fact, if you are wise you will sit down and come up with a list of things you want. With this in mind, here are five tips on how to find a real estate broker to work for.

Research the company: First and foremost, if you want to work for a company, you will want to know that the employees and owner care about the customers. To figure out if this is the case, it’s wise to check out the BBB rating of the company. Furthermore, go on Yelp and other pages to read reviews. While this may seem like overkill, it’s a great way to see how a company treats its customers.

Make a quick call to the office: If you want to find a job with a company, you should enquire about one over the phone. After checking out the reviews and the business’s website, you should call the office and simply ask about the possibility of long-term or short-term work. When you call and you are nice, but inquisitive, you can find out about the company culture. Remember, nothing replaces a phone call, especially if you chat up the secretary and get an idea on how things work.

Go in for an interview or informal chat: Without a doubt, if you want to find out more about a company and how it all works, you have to go to the office and ask some questions. Ideally, if you land an interview, you can chat up the people working there and figure out how much people like it. When going to the office, remember to bring all your credentials, dress well and act your best. If you do so, at minimum, you will learn more about the real estate broker.

Tell him or her long-term plans and goals: If you are looking to break into the field, you should tell the HR person, interviewer or company owner your plans. Think about it, you need to be serious about your goals. While you don’t want to aim for the boss’s job, you should, at minimum, talk about why you want to work in the industry. Again, while this may seem like overkill, you are going to impress the owner as people love when a potential employee has a lot of ambition.

Follow-up: Finally, when looking for work in any field, you must always follow up. Yes, with an email or five minute phone call, you can easily state your case again and ask any important questions. Ideally, you would send something in the mail, but you can also send an email. Don’t make it sound like you are begging for work. Rather, when you ask questions, all while stating your case to hire you, it’s possible to move to the front of the pack.

If you want to work for a real estate broker, you should choose a company wisely. Otherwise, if you choose the first one or the closest one to your home, you are going to struggle when you come into work.

This post comes from REAA, Brisbane’s real estate licensing, training and certification specialists.

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