Moving Up the Ladder: How to Be Promoted In 5 Steps

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Saurabh Tyagi

Saurabh Tyagi

When you start a new job, there are a lot of things on your mind, and getting promoted to a higher position is definitely one of them. However, promotions are not a given. Earlier, when there was little or no competition and technology was outdated it was easy for workers to progress along specific career paths. However, the same is not true anymore. Here are some time tested strategies that you can work on to get promoted to a higher position, no matter which industry you work in.

The cut-throat competition that we are so used to witnessing these days leaves little room for any kind of lackadaisical attitude while planning a career. Today, an employee is himself responsible for creating and managing his career path, either through a single company or multiple organizations. It’s only a misconception that promotion is only a path that goes upward. In the current business environment, you may need to make a lateral move first to take a jump. Here are five important strategies for getting promoted.

Find a mentor

The biggest contributor in a promotion is the mentoring relationship between the employee and someone higher in authority and hierarchy who helped the employee be known as a good and resourceful asset to the company. There are some organizations that involve employees in formal mentoring programs, but if you don’t get the chance to be a part of the same, there are other ways in which you can build relationships with people in higher positions in the company. Mentors are also a reliable source of information and guidance.

Quantify achievements

Whenever you present a case for promotion to your boss, it is essential to come up with measurable achievements. While it is not necessary that promotions should go to only those who have a great past performance to show, you can certainly have a better case at hand for promotion by showing detailed information and data related to your successes. If you got benefic results for the organization, you will eventually get promoted. This applies to all sorts of positions like Chief Technology Officer, or VP Engineering jobs amongst others.

Don’t shy from self-promoting

Our parents always tell us how being modest can take us a long way ahead. However, it rarely holds true for jobseekers, and likewise, if in your organization no one knows how great you are, you simply won’t get ahead. If you have completed some major accomplishment or created new award-winning programs, make sure to publicize it. Let it be known to your boss that you are seeking a promotion.

Built a solid relationship with your boss

Your boss has the ability to either raise the gate and wave you upward towards the next position within the hierarchy or keep the gate down and block you from any movement within the company. You have to cash in on all the opportunities for making your boss the key supporter of your promotion. Take advantage of situations to emphasize on how you are really looking forward to stay in the company. During performance appraisals don’t just go over your accomplishments, but also talk to your boss about potential roadblocks to a promotion and how you can overcome these hurdles.

Learn new skills and knowledge

It is the easiest and one of the sure shot ways of guaranteeing yourself a promotion. Expand your knowledge and skill sets in areas which serve your organization in a productive way. Since technology and work environments are evolving rapidly it helps to be on top of your game, not only to seek a promotion but to also remain employable in the job market. Experts are of the view that individuals who want to keep themselves on the employer’s radar need to be a part of the latest industry events and news.

If you include all these strategies in your daily schedule, your chances of getting promoted will improve dramatically within a short period of time. And even if the company decides to give your promotion a pass, you will surely be an attractive proposition for a new position in some other organization. So it’s better for your career either ways.

By: Saurabh Tyagi

The author is a motivational writer and job expert. He has published various expert advices for candidates applying to higher positions like VP engineering or looking for a promotion in similar realm, and this article is a part of the same series.

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