How Getting A Master’s Helps Your Image With Employers

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Happy business people talking on meeting at office

Happy business people talking on meeting at office. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

When almost everyone in the skilled job market presents resumes with experience and bachelor’s degrees, they all blend in and no one really stands out. Finding the right avenue to pursue to get your dream job will take effort and it’s usually enough to help a candidate land a job, but going further and obtaining a master’s degree improves prospective employee’s images with potential employers. Take a look at some ways a master’s degree can show that you are more capable and willing to grow.


Master’s degrees show an employer that an applicant took the time to go beyond the basic competencies and acquire more knowledge and skill. This tells employers that if they hire an individual, that person won’t settle for what’s good enough to complete the job. They’ll do their best to be better than the competition. Furthermore, they’ll potentially be employees that strive to be better than they were the year before.

Time Management

Many people who earn their master’s degree do so while working full-time. Some even balance family life, hobbies, activities, and volunteer work on top of it. Master’s programs include a heavy workload and in-depth research that is not for the faint of heart. Most employees can settle into the regular schedule of a workplace after a month or two, but some can increase their efficiency and take on more work to help the company appeal more to their customers.

Problem Solving

Along with time management, master’s degrees signal to an employer than an applicant has strong problem-solving skills. The type of degree a potential employer takes on can even signal to the employer what mindset a potential employee has. Furthering your education with a specialized degree in communication informs employers that they are hiring a person who is an effective communicator and thinker. Showing this skill will be sure to make you stand out to potential or current employers.

Risk Taking

Master’s programs force students to tackle bigger problems, and, because of that, people who have degrees have often accepted the challenges they’ve faced. Employers want employees that take on challenges not only because of their drive and ambition but also because they’re not afraid to fail. Failing is a part of learning, and candidates with a graduate degree to their name show that they’ve taken risks in their lives — and found a way to succeed.

Being able to handle the ceaseless minutia of getting a master’s degree can certainly show a potential employer that you are willing to do what it takes to achieve greatness. Consider furthering your education to improve your standing with potential employers as it is a surefire way to grab their attention. While there are many other reasons master’s degrees improve an individual’s image with employers (such as they signal strong money management and learning ability), these four skills are part of a more important skillset that quality employers are look for when hiring.

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