Resume Tips to Reap a Successful Job Search

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With so much competition in the job market, job seekers must find a way to distinguish themselves in order to get the attention of employers.  While some employers may look to play it safe and hire conservative candidates, others may look to bring in candidates who bring a little something extra to the table.  How can you go about proving you are the best candidate for a specific job?  One way is to write a quality resume that shows you can handle the position.  Here are some resume tips to help you reap a successful job search.

Add keywords – Today, companies are using applicant tracking systems (or ATS) to find the resumes of candidates who are potentially the best fit for them.  To get your resume noticed, use keywords in the job description throughout the document.  Be sure to spell out the entire keywords instead of abbreviating them, unless the description says otherwise.

Prove you can conquer challenges – Can an employer trust you to be a problem solver?  Provide an example of how you dealt with a particular issue at work and the skills that helped you do so.  This indicates that you can rise to the occasion when necessary.

Highlight your accomplishments – While it is easy to say what you have done, employers are more interested in results.  List achievements on your resume that have impacted the company.  If possible, quantify what you have done.  An employer will have confidence you can do the same for his or her business.

Promote positive patterns – Doing something consistently well displays a strength.  What are your patterns?  They might be the places you have worked, the use of certain soft skills, or the limitations and people you have worked with.  No matter what your pattern is, a prospective employer will know what to expect from you.

Standing out from the competition will help you gain the attention of employers.  Keep in mind that some employers may not want a conservative candidate who just fits the bill but someone who offers something more.  By writing a quality resume that includes the tips above, you can take a big step in reaping a successful job search.

Lou Adler, the well-known performance-based recruitment evangelist, believes an old recruiting method is making a comeback: “throw people in over their heads and see if they sink or swim.” And this what-is-old-is-new-again hiring method begs the question: How do you get your resume ready for the

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