Having Fun with an Engineering Degree

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Portrait of an engineer at work

Portrait of an engineer at work. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

When you finish your engineering degree, you have many chances to have fun when you get out of school. You do not need to do anything other than a job that makes you excited. When you are going out into the workforce, you can work with commercial playground equipment as you make life fun for the kids in your community.

The Community Developments

You will be able to create playground equipment with an innovative company such as Kompan that is for the playgrounds and parks all around your community. You can work for the city or county when you are installing these projects, or you can work for the school system to install these playgrounds. There are beautiful new commercial playground equipment items that you can use to keep kids safe, and you can find just the right place to install these sets.

Your Own Business

You could start your own business working parks and recreation. The parks and recreation aspect of your job can take you into a phase in your life where you can keep a business running. When the people in your metropolitan area are in need of these playsets, you will be able to design the playgrounds for the communities that order them. You can set up the sets yourself, and you can manage the construction of each set. You have the knowledge to handle the placement of the set, and you will be able to help people get the playgrounds that they are looking for.


When you want to work in the design aspect of engineering, you will be able to work on all the things that you always wanted to do. You will be able to put together these designs for the people that order them, and you will be able to manage the design of several projects all at once. If you are interested in design, you can use your engineering degree to design the playgrounds and parks that are going to be fun for your clients. Just look at how much fun this guy has designing playgrounds for kids.

Aid Around The World

When you want to make a difference in the world that is not related to playground equipment, you need to think about doing work around the world. You can start using your engineering degree to design things for people all around the world. You can put together projects for people who need clean water in Africa, need shelter when they are homeless or help for people who are struggling to start their small businesses. You will be able to provide the design and engineering expertise that these people need to make their lives better. If you want to help people, you can move anywhere in the world to begin offering your expertise for greater causes.

When you are ready to use your engineering degree, you do not need to do anything that is not exciting to you. You can have fun with your engineering degree easily, and you will be able to make money without feeling like you are wasting your life in a job that is too generic for you.

This post comes from Sarah Smith, who writes for the Kompan blog. Aside from being an active blogger and education enthusiast, Sarah likes to read marketing books in her spare time and develop cool strategies for the digital age.

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