How to become a true leader at your new workplace without being pushy

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After getting a job, the next thought of everyone is to get a promotion too. But in order to achieve that, one must gain the trust of the peers. Of course, Millennials are really creative and they always find a way to impose themselves. Now the question is – How do you become a leader without looking too desperate?

Guide them rather than imposing things on them

People who come to a new work place see things differently than the ones who are already there for a long time. Newcomers have a fresh perspective and they can easily spot mistakes. But be careful! It is not a good idea to lay the cards on the table and point out every flow. Employees will take these reproaches personally. The next thing you know, the peers will be your greatest enemies.

Instead, try to take it one step at a time. Start talking about effective solutions and methods that you’ve heard about. Then ask the employees how they do things in this company. After that, suggest them to try one of the methods mentioned before. In this way, people won’t feel offended or forced to change. In the end, they will see you as a good adviser.

Display your experience without showing off

A person who always talks about him is honestly annoying. And at some point, people may think that you have invented all those things just to show off every day. This is not a good attitude for a leader.

On the other hand, your peers must be aware of your professional experience and skills. How to display them without becoming unbearable? Simple. When at lunch, ask your mates where they have worked before. Inevitable, your turn will come too. But try to keep it short and modest.

Then, when you hear someone is in trouble, offer to help. This is a great opportunity to show what you are capable of without bragging, but by actually acting.

Become a trusty confident

A great way of gaining people’s trust is to look as honest as possible. From personal experience, though, I recommend not to display all your flows and problems. After all, you just have to look honest, not to be so too. Otherwise, the employees will find it easy to get rid of you! And trust me when I say that they won’t hesitate to do that! So, by seeming honest, you encourage people to open up and confess their hardship. Thus, as an efficient future leader, you will know everything there is to know about each person in the company. As a consequence, it will be piece a cake to deal with every one of them.

Gather as many responsibilities as possible

When the manager asks who wants to do a certain thing, raise your hand. It is true, you will have more work on the plate. But think like this – the manager will have more confidence in you. In conclusion, you will be next on the list for a promotion. Then, the team will depend on you for more and more things. It will be nice to have people coming to your desk and ask for documents or guidance. You will feel like a real leader.

Be passionate

Show passion for your work every moment of day! In this way, people around you will feel more motivated to contribute to the company’s progress. Passion is what it takes to really create good things and grow a successful business. All the employees will try to follow your example, and in this way, the company will increase its productivity. The management would only be happy and thankful about this.

Care for every employee

It is proved that employees want to have an attentive leader. In other words, they desire a somehow feminine header. And it is only logical, since the manager can be likened to a mother who guides her children to better results. So try to be empathetic and communicative. In the same time, listen to every employee and help him solve some of the problems. In return, they will become loyal friends and co-workers.

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Michael McPherson is a graduate student from Boston University, freelance blogger and a regular contributor at You may follow him on Twitter: @McPhersy

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