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Delivery driver driving van with parcels on seat outside the warehouse

Delivery driver driving van with parcels on seat outside the warehouse. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

If you’re driven to drive, you might like to consider a career that takes you on the road for a living. The ideal career would be from the glamour job class, such as a formula one champion or stunt driver. Okay, perhaps these are out of reach to most people, but there are plenty of other work opportunities available for the average Joe who enjoys driving and wants to make a living from it.

Be Clean, Whatever you do

Before addressing the actual types of jobs you might consider, it is important that you have a clean driver’s licence. Some driving careers require perfect records while others still need you to take utmost care on the road. Regardless, you will lose your job if you don’t have a licence, so be careful.

If you already have a job that requires you to be on the road and your licence is under threat, you should probably seek urgent legal advice from motoring legal experts such as GC Traffic Lawyers before the matter goes any further. If they can’t save your licence all together, they might be able to get the court to give you a restricted licence to save your job. Most jurisdictions have these schemes, such as a work licence in Qld, to keep you on the road, if only for limited hours.

If you have no legal issues and you think a working life on the road is for you, consider these career paths.

Long Distance Truck Driver

If you enjoy your solitude and have a passion for the big rigs, you could consider a career as a long distance truck driver. Driving through the night from Point A to Point B, with nothing to worry about but other traffic and your deadline, is some people’s idea of the ideal job. Of course, the hours aren’t the best and days at a time away from your family can have an adverse effect on your family life.

Courier Driver

If long distance isn’t your thing, you can still drive a truck – or a van – as a courier driver in your home city or town. This gets you on the road, but isn’t as lonely as life on the open road. Mostly, they are nine to five jobs, though part-time and casual positions are also an option. It can also be an opportunity to run your own business, working for a larger courier firm as a contractor or franchisee with your own vehicle and clients.

Taxi Driver

If you are more of a ‘people person’ and don’t fancy the lonely life of the interstate truckie or hectic day of a delivery driver, a career as a cabbie is always an option. Traditionally, three types of people are attracted to life on the road as a taxi driver – people who have other careers and need to supplement their incomes with a few cab shifts a week; the unemployed who can’t find work in their regular fields; and people who love to both drive and meet new people. It is the perfect job if you want to choose your own hours but remember there are no paid holidays. Take time off and the money stops coming.

There are many options available for people who like to drive and work at the same time. You just have to look after your licence and find the best path that suits your requirements and preferences.

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