How to achieve success on your first internship program?

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Trainee in office talking on the phone

Trainee in office talking on the phone. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Gaining work experience to prepare yourselves for your professional life is extremely important. Organizations throughout the world offer tremendous programs, allowing students to gain valuable work experience by working within those programs. They take in students and then make them pass through rigorous training processes; most of the organizations then also offer amazing roles and permanent jobs to students who have been successful in those programs.

One of the programs that are very common throughout the world and most students during their academic life look forward to it is the Internship program. An internship is limited weeks on the job training experience, where students are placed in the department of their choice usually, and then are trained to perform entry level roles. Some organizations might even pay handsome money for the internship concluded while others just offer it for free. Students recently have developed a perception that many internship programs are pretty casual and they offer nothing to learn which is significant. Today, we will talk about various aspects of an internship program and how to be successful at it.

Communication and network

While on the job, your best chance of being hired is to communicate and network with people within the organization. This is the most effective way to make you known. Sitting idly on a bench, just playing with the computer won’t get you anywhere. Start talking to people within your department, make conversations, finds out what they are doing and try to pitch in with whatever you can. Eventually also move on to talking to people from other departments, learn how the entire organization works? Find its processes and ensure you know the organization in depth.

Set your internship goals

In order to be successful at your internship, set your goals and milestones. Set your learning aims, what do you wish to complete during the end of your internship? What are the working processes that you want to learn? What is your eventual aim to work and intern in this organization?

Know that you are an intern

Some students expect a lot from their internship and when they do not get it, they lose the interest. Know that you are just an intern within that organization and people might fail to give you enough importance due to their commitments. So always make sure you make an effort and take the initiative to learn only this way you will be able to convince people that you are here to learn and grow.

Be Responsible

The biggest mistake of interns is they act like college students rather than being professional about it. Always work professionally and act mature. Be very responsible with the work you are given. There are few basic traits on which you will be judged since you cannot make an outstanding work achievement that could help you gain recognition. Own your work up and work wisely.

Keep in contact

Once you are done with your internship, keep in touch with the people there and the organization itself, you never know what opportunities you might come across.

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