Top 10 Internship Tips

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Happy medical intern doctor writing on clipboard

Happy medical intern doctor writing on clipboard. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Most companies seek interns who are motivated and determined. About 55% of interns who successfully performed their duties are offered a full-time position. In this article we will go through top 10 internship tips.

  1. Have a “can do” attitude. One of the main keys to success in an internship is your attitude. It speaks loud and clear about you as a possible employee, so make sure yours is one of the biggest assets. Take on any task assigned with enthusiasm, no matter how small or big. Never wait for a task, if there is nothing assigned to you, take the initiative as at the end of the day, it is you who is acquiring new skills.
  2. Meet deadlines. Take personal responsibility in meeting deadlines. If there is no deadline, take responsibility to ask your supervisor when the task is due. Don’t be scared to let your employer know if the expectation is unrealistic, this will show maturity and professional respect.
  3. Get to know your coworkers. While it isn’t the most important aspect in your internship, it is important to get to know your coworkers. This will help you learn the culture of the company, little secrets and tips how to behave.
  4. Set high priorities. Take every assignment seriously as during the internship you are not only building your reputation among coworkers, you are also setting the basis for your daily working habits in the future.
  5. Set clear and realistic goals. It is important to understand everything about your internship at the beginning. Ask your supervisor about your duties and expectations; this will help you make a picture of your future achievements, which is the best motivation you can ask for.
  6. Be flexible to changes. Every intern goes through the same list of useless and boring assignments. Make sure you built a positive thinking and accept all tasks there are. At the end it will pay off big time.
  7. Play along with your team. Being a team player is one of the major hiring manager’s requirements for most positions. Learn to help others but keep a keen eye on getting your job done first. Remember that there are no leaders in the team, only those who have strong skills and determination. You will be among winners if your team wins.
  8. Find an inspiration. It maybe a goal or even a mentor. Seeing someone who achieved things you wish for will help you go an extra mile for success.
  9. Respect others. Respect people despite their positions and skills. You are showing your personality and no one wants to be around an ignorant, self-centered person.
  10. Enjoy each moment. Internship is a fascinating time when you have a chance to learn from real professionals. Make sure you have fun while learning: participate in social events, remember your coworker’s birthdays but think and act smart, as your behavior now can leave an impact on your future career.

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