Keep calm and go to college!

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Young adult college student filling application form for master degree in library. Vertical shape, rear view, selective focus, head and shoulders

Young adult college student filling application form for master degree in library. Vertical shape, rear view, selective focus, head and shoulders. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Spending sleepless nights just because you can’t get rid of the thoughts about applying for colleges or having tough time deciding for options? Obviously, choosing a college and then applying is quite a tricky and nerve-wracking experience but we need to be composed throughout the procedure as panicking will just make the situation worse and we will end up making bad choices.

Follow some easy steps to keep this stress a mile away and to go through this procedure smoothly.


Visit websites and social media pages of colleges you are considering. Check their offered programs and other details. Also, check the reviews and experiences on various forums of students studying there. Do all the necessary research for making your views and choices clear!

No time wasting:

It doesn’t matter if you have not decided your majors yet. It should not be an excuse for delaying the college research. Late start will give you limited time to think so work early on the research and application process.

Be independent:

Applying to a certain college just because your friend is considering it is not a good idea. Also, asking for advices is good but totally depending on other’s opinions is not favorable. Make decisions which make you happy and which are good for your future. Make a move for yourself.

Make a checklist:

If there is a list of colleges you want to apply, jot down their important details and registration dates for synchronization. This way you will not miss any important date and there will not be any regrets.

Avail the opportunity of self-praise:

Writing an application essay for college is a life-time opportunity to describe yourself in the best possible words. Have fun and brag a little about yourself and the skills you possess. Make efforts to impress the administration with your words, motivation and skills.

Lastly, do not fear rejection. Do your best and leave the rest on your destiny.

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