Career Perspectives for College Graduates: Explore the Writing Field!

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Female working at home. She is writing a blog

Female working at home. She is writing a blog. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

It was hard to be a college student, but it’s even more challenging to be a recent graduate, isn’t it? We all had great goals for the careers we would aim for, but the reality is harsh. Most of us are still far from our dream jobs, but have student debts to pay off, so we need to look for temporary solutions.

For me, one of those solutions was blogging and freelance writing. As soon as I started exploring the opportunities in the writing field, I looked at this job from a whole other aspect: it appeared as an exciting, challenging and perspective career with a huge potential for growth.

After long years of studying sessions, taking exams and writing academic papers, this career may not seem worthy of your skills. Trust me: if you have a thing for writing, then you should definitely explore what this market has to offer. In the continuation, I will tell you how you can use your talent to start making safe and steady income after graduation.

1. Freelancing

The Internet is an endless source of jobs; you only need to know how to locate the right ones for your style. You can write about anything from studying methods to budgeting to makeup tips; there is an audience for every type of post.

Freelancing was the first thing I tried to do after realizing that I couldn’t get a job associated to my major (literature). Let me tell you about my first impression: this market is tough! I didn’t always get a fair price for my efforts, but I got few jobs that gave me confidence. After six months of pretty boring assignments, I started attracting some cool clients that provided a regular workflow for me. The conclusion? This type of work definitely pays the bills if you stay committed to it.

You can start by creating profiles on popular freelancing websites. You will notice that many freelancers work for low prices, but don’t take that example. It’s never wise to underestimate your talent.

2. Blogging

You surely read blogs on regular basis, but did you know that you can start your own blog and turn it into a regular source of income? Depending on the popularity you achieve, your blog may make enough money to cover your weekly nights out, but it may also substitute the income you would gain from a “real” job.

The trick here is to find a niche you’re good at. Naturally, I started a blog that features literature critiques… and the beginning was hard. However, I enjoyed writing and publishing posts on a regular schedule and soon noticed how the site’s popularity was increasing. Thank God for Google Ads, since they bring me a decent monthly income without bothering my visitors.

3. Resume writing

Job hunters find it especially difficult to write an intriguing resume. If you are good in writing resumes, CVs, LinkedIn profiles and cover letters, then you can turn that skill into an incredibly profitable career.

Now, most professional resume writing services require the writers to be certified before they can hire them, which is why I haven’t made an attempt in this industry. However, I know that resume writers are paid much better than traditional freelancers, so all I can tell you that this area of the market is worth exploring.

4. Academic papers

You are probably aware of the fact that most students detest this part of their education and would rather pay someone to write their papers for them. I’ve written few essays and research papers for college students so far and realized that this market has a huge potential.

The best part is that you can write for the things you love and expand your knowledge while making money.

5. eBooks

You can write an eBook on any topic and rest assured that there will be buyers for it. I’ve written several eBooks and noticed one thing: you have to write something that’s not easily available online if you want to make it successful. Add some statistics, have a targeted approach and you can make a career out of writing eBooks.

I’ve noticed that the best way to sell this type of content is on a blog. Naturally, you need to make your blog popular and offer something your readers haven’t seen before in the form of an eBook.

Everyone was telling you to shoot for the stars when you graduated from college, but sometimes you just need to ground yourself. Who knows? Maybe you’ll discover that you were born to be a writer?

Author’s Bio: Kelsey Green is a freelance writer and blogger. She is one of the co-founders of website for students Essay Wolves. She is an expert in college graduates employment, social media, technology and writing.

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