Why you should pursue a Career as a Dentist

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Portrait of a dentist who treats teeth of young woman patient

Portrait of a dentist who treats teeth of young woman patient. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Do you want to pursue a career as a dentist? You most likely have already given dentistry some consideration. Whether you have decided or not if you want to become a dentist, here are some benefits that you are likely to enjoy if you choose to join this noble profession.

1. A great mix of art and science

Dentistry can be very detailed and precise work. Depending on the specialty that you choose, you may find yourself sculpting teeth or tapping into your creative juices to solve problems that may puzzle the faint hearted.

You can choose the specialties along a spectrum of creativity and science to suit your temperament. The point here is dentistry can offer you a good amount of choice between the science and the art of this career pursuit.

2. Gateway to influence and prestige

Because becoming a dentist takes skill and patience in studies and personal commitment, dentists are well respected in society. A dentist is responsible for the oral health of a society and this responsibility is admired by other members of society.

Dentistry can therefore become a gateway to greater responsibility and prestige in society, for example to become a community leader, government official or technocrat.

Since dentists meet a lot of people in society, they also have access to widespread knowledge about different facets of a community through all the people they meet.

3. Independence and Flexibility

Dentists can work for a variety of employments or become independent. It is easy for a dentist to work in Non-Governmental Organizations, no-profit organizations, public education organizations, research programs or government institutions.

It is also quite common for dentists to open up solo practices, or pool their skills bringing together different dental specialties. Dentists, as you can deduce, have a lot of flexibility with how they may want to balance the hours they work versus the personal time that they want to have.

4. Constantly increasing demand and good remuneration

Since there will always be need for dentistry necessitated by modern lifestyles, the inevitable tear and ware of teeth, increase in population and lower mortality rates call for dental services, which will always be in high demand.

This is good for career security of the dentist and also assures a good income for a longtime to come.

5. Personal Fulfillment

Since dentists provide lasting solutions and results to their patient’s troubles, this makes for very happy patients.

Most patients will often go and see a dentist for anything, from relief of a very painful tooth ache to surgery for lost teeth. Either way, the impact of what a dentist does to bring pain relief or cosmetic satisfaction to a patient can be quite impactful.

There is therefore quite a lot of room for personal fulfillment and satisfaction for a job well done.

Once you have graduated as a dentist, be sure to go online and put together all the resources that you will need to hit the road running.

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