Developmental and Leadership Education Affecting Healthcare Quality

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Development and leadership education affecting healthcare quality has been highlighted as the long term solution to the healthcare problems that affect the healthcare industry both at the state level as well as the national level.

It is paramount to bring psychology into the healthcare industry. Psychology is vital in the evolving healthcare system. Psychologists are in a pole position as providers of healthcare to people with mental illnesses and other disorders such as chronic physical conditions and substance use disorders. For psychologists to provide effective services, they should be incorporated into organizational development and healthcare leadership by including them on commissions, advisory panels, coalitions and other assorted committees. They should be given appointments where their views on proper health care management can be heard at the state level.

Organizational development also involves proper penetration of insurance throughout the population to bring the costs of healthcare to manageable levels. Healthcare costs are escalating at an alarming 75% and could become out of reach for most citizens if this trend is not checked. The escalating costs are aggravated by the fact that healthcare policies issued by different providers vary both in content and prices for services thus making healthcare delivery poorly coordinated, which results in poor care and higher costs. Organizational development seeks to intervene and bring about a responsive, positive mechanism which will bring into one fold the healthcare policies, as well as check on the escalating prices.

Developmental and leadership education affecting healthcare quality is a very valuable course whose importance cannot be overlooked. This course seeks to impact knowledge about the need to bring quality healthcare to the people. Already, graduates of this course are on their toes to ensure they bring high-quality healthcare to you. There are some vital steps that have been taken in various states and include:

In Arkansas, mental health is represented by Arkansas Psychological Association in the mental health work group to develop payments for the state. These payments include the care delivery as well as provider reimbursement. The results from this group are presented to the Medicare and Medicaid centers as well as to state insurance companies.

The Massachusetts Psychological Association works with a coalition that seeks to bring all children into a fold that will offer high quality and affordable healthcare services.

New healthcare quality and better healthcare management bring benefits to include:


More effective healthcare brings about high-quality services across the entire health industry. Productivity in healthcare is seen in the form of ease of access of health care as well as the success brought about by the services.


Motivation is another benefit resulting from organizational development. As it stands, both medics and other health workers are not sufficiently motivated. High costs and ineffective health care delivery are a huge concern. However, if developmental and leadership education are put into effect, the higher healthcare quality will be a huge motivation to the health workers and the public in general.

Stress Management

Developmental and leadership education seeks to bring about relief to health workers through organizational development. This will be a great relief to health workers as they enjoy a stress free work environment thus resulting to better services.

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