How Bilingualism and Multilingualism Help a Student in Education

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Hello in Different Languages

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If a student speaks a different language he would perceive in a different world. Many theorist have written in the articles that being a bilingual or multilingual is better than a being a monolingual because to survive with a monolingual is not enough in the competitive world because over 5000 languages are spoken in the world which means that about 25 languages are spoken per state.

Therefore for a communication process between the individuals, the noise is not only a barrier but also the monolingual is also a big hurdle.  According to the David Crystal research in 1997 that two children from every three children will grow up with a bilingualism environment such as in Asia, Europe, etc. anywhere in the world.

The significant advantages of bilingualism as well as multilingualism is that if the person is in bilingualism or multilingualism they have a better working memory, easily switching their tasks and enhance the better awareness to their objects then a monolingual’s children.

It is globally accepted that the languages are a major factor in the quality education because in each region there are different languages used by universities and colleges for that reason; if a student’s wants professional, globally accepted qualification in any major subject, their major problem is to being a monolingual.

Whereas English is a very common language but to know about only English also creates a hurdle towards the education. Of approximately 570 million people who speak English, over 41 percent of that speaks bilingual. The problem is created when these 570 million people want an education and professional qualification from China or then a region where English is not a common language.

Where as if an individual is known about the different languages, he can easily be prompted in every region on their desire which lead to a better motivation in such organization for employer. Where as with the monolinguals’ the employer cannot easily communicate with out of that region. Such as most of the multinational companies (E.g. E&Y,Fergusons) are hiring those peoples for a Business development who not only have a communication skill but also have multilinguals or at least have bilinguals, which help the company to easily communicate with their clients.

However, bilingualism and multilingualism also help every individual to bring ethical norms and behavior toward those regions from which he is not related.

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