Let the Job Find You: Create a Personal Website

Posted January 14, 2015 by
Melissa Burns

Melissa Burns

Being a job seeker nowadays is a pretty frightening fate. To find a decent internship, let alone a normal job, is obviously a task for the strongest: for those, who have relevant experience and a smartly created resume. What if you have none of the above? Perhaps, it would be reasonable to start with the latter and do it your way. If you want to drag the potential employer’s attention towards yourself, differ yourself from other applicants: create a personal website. It is much easier than it might look. Just take the three following steps.

Find a Decent Web Hosting Company

You will be surprised to find out how many web hosting companies exist on the online market these days. Their variety might even get you confused, especially if you are a newby in the IT field. However, there are thousands of articles on the web that present the best hosting companies. You’d better pick between old and trusted ones, like HostGator, Inmotion Hosting and etc. Choose wisely, because if your website crashes every other day and you won’t be able to get an appropriate support to fix it on time – who knows, perhaps it will be the moment when your website is down as the potential employer decides to check it out.

Choose a Suitable Template

If you are not a designer yourself, you should get yourself a template. There are lots of them – free, cheap and expensive, designed especially for personal websites. It is absolutely necessary to get one, because if your website looks messy, no one will stay there for the time, necessary to look through your personal information. By the way, if your specialty is somehow connected to the designing skills, the necessity to make the image of your website most creative could be a nice chance for you to demonstrate your competence. Bear this in mind – it’s not only you who tries to find a job. Many employers do not advertise the job openings – they seek for potential workers themselves.

Think on Content

Here comes the step, which is the easiest to carry out technically, but at the same time most part of your success will depend on how you perform it. You must decide what will be presented on your website and which facts are better to be concealed. Don’t forget – this is not a questionnaire on your personal interests. It would be better not write anything what doesn’t serve the purpose of discovering your best professional traits. On the one hand, you might include a school experience, if it was somehow connected with the development of the skills you must possess in order to obtain your dream job. On the other hand, it is better to avoid mentioning any hobbies or interests that might seem weird to your potential employer.

Let’s be honest: a personal website might help you move up your career ladder. At the same time, if you are not ready to put some efforts into its proper creation, it will only make things worse. So decide for yourself, if you are ready to get some privileges in comparison to your competitors on the labor market – and go for it.

Melissa is a student of journalism. She is graduating this year and is working on her own project Studday dedicated to deliver information about educational trends and opportunities to students all over the world.

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