Choosing a Career in Cosmetic Medicine

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Female doctor giving an injection on the young woman's face over white

Female doctor giving an injection on the young woman’s face over white. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Cosmetic medicine is a growing field that offers medical school graduates many opportunities. People are increasingly concerned about their appearance. This, however, is only one reason that patients elect to have procedures such as breast surgery or cosmetic changes to other parts of their bodies. Cosmetic surgeons such as Dr. Simon Weight are qualified to perform a number of procedures that are very much in demand today.

Requirements to Become a Cosmetic Surgeon

Becoming a cosmetic surgeon takes quite a bit of training. In addition to completing medical school, you will be required to have several years of residency in both general and plastic surgery. Specific requirements may vary according to your location, but the typical requirement is five years of residency.

This type of career may involve private practice or working in a hospital environment. Cosmetic surgeons sometimes perform surgeries to improve bodily functions or appearance due to an illness, injury or birth defect. They also perform procedures to improve the appearance of patients.

In the U.S., job opportunities for all types of surgeons and physicians are expected to grow by 18% between 2012 and 2022 as part of the overall growth of the healthcare industry. As populations in many locations age, there is an increasing demand for many types of cosmetic surgery.

Most Popular Types of Cosmetic Surgery

There are quite a few types of surgeries that a plastic surgeon may be required to perform. Among the most common include:

  • Breast Surgery -There are several popular types of procedures that a breast surgeon can perform. These include breast lifts and breast augmentation, which involves using breast implants to increase breast size. A Breast clinic performs mastectomies and other types of surgery for cancer patients.
  • Facelifts -A facelift, known technically as a rhytidectomy, is a procedure that removes symptoms of aging on the face and neck. This involves removing wrinkles, creases and sagging areas of the face.
  • Rhinoplasty -This is a type of plastic surgery to change the appearance of the nose. Many people want to reshape or reduce the size of their noses, making this a popular type of cosmetic surgery.
  • Tummy Tucks -A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a procedure to remove excess skin and fat around the abdominal area to improve the patient’s appearance. The goal is usually to give the appearance of a flat and smooth abdominal region.
  • Liposuction -Liposuction may be performed on various areas of the body, including the thighs, back, hips or neck. This procedure removes fat deposits to give a healthier and younger appearance to patients.

These are just a few of the most common types of cosmetic surgery that are widely performed. There are many others as well, such as surgeries done following car accidents or fires. In such cases, the treatments must be tailored to the particular needs of the patient. The popularity of cosmetic surgery is part of the overall interest in anti-aging technologies. For this reason, it’s likely that the demand for cosmetic surgeons will continue to be strong in the foreseeable future.

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