College Graduates: Tools You Need to Land a Job

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Man getting ready for a job interview

Man getting ready for a job interview. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Recent graduates face a competitive job market, and arming yourself with a degree and a polished resume may not be enough to land a job. To be a viable candidate in this market, you need to invest in the tools that give you an edge. Here are just a few tools to consider investing in:


Today’s graduates need proper technology to secure a job. A computer that is reliable will help prepare resumes and cover letters while a consistent Internet connection is essential for researching companies, job opportunities and communicating with potential employers. If a computer doesn’t meet your budget, a tablet is a viable alternative.

All college graduates must secure a reliable and working smartphone. You need to be on top of your game (and your inbox) when searching for a job, so being able to check and respond to emails from anywhere at anytime is a must. Also, some businesses prefer to use texts to contact potential interview candidates, so it’s important to be ready. Furthermore, since most employers are plugged into social networks, be sure to check your Twitter, Facebook and other social networks to make sure there isn’t anything that may hinder your job search.


A working car is important to drive to job interviews as well as for career advancement. Some careers, like home realty, require you to drive clients from house to house, so your choice of car is important. Push your name to the top of the list by securing a vehicle prior to the job interview. This will certainly show your employer your commitment and make a good first impression. Even though your budget maybe tight after graduation, don’t worry because companies like DriveTime can help you make the transition from school to the real world easier with financing options.


Your appearance matters in a job interview. Purchase a business suit, shoes and a portfolio to help employers see how you will fit the part. Also, try to get enough sleep the night before your first time meeting so that you look fresh and ready to go.


If you tend to be more shy or introverted, consider asking someone to help you practice interview techniques. You can ask a friend to set up a mock interview session and record it. After reviewing the tape, pinpoint weaknesses and try to correct them before the real interview. Or, if your finances allow, there are several companies that prepare individuals for the interview process.


Before your interview, learn about your employer. Research the company’s basic information like how long it has been in business, the number of employees it has and the various departments. If you know your interviewer’s name, take the time to find him or her on social media like LinkedIn so that during the interview you can answer questions intelligently. Furthermore, investigate your job description and make sure you can cover any possible questions related to that career field.


Thank you notes go a long way in creating a lasting impression. Invest in high quality paper to thank those people who helped you secure the interview as well as the actual interviewers. And, rather than sending an email, a physical note may help you stand out from the pack.

To gain a competitive edge in securing a job, you need to devote yourself to the tools and resources that help you shine among your competition. With the appropriate amount of due diligence, you might secure more than one job offer after graduation.

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