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When Pockets are Empty: Getting Quick Money

Melissa Burns

Melissa Burns

Students always need money – this is a fundamental truth. And if you happen to be one of these poor unfortunate souls, the lack of money must seem especially painful to you. First, it’s high time to buy presents, second, holiday parties are not going to pay for themselves. What can a poor student do to get a reasonable amount of money for such a short period without lowering himself (or herself) down to the position of a shop assistant or a waiter – considering the fact that all such part-time positions are most likely taken before holidays?

Academic Writing

If you are a student, you face with this kind of work all the time. And if you are good at writing essays, thesis papers and other stuff like that, perhaps you should try yourself on the freelance websites and academic writing services. Even if you suck at writing all kinds of academic assignments, you can use some tips – there are lots of them everywhere on the Internet. This way you will both get money and better your own writing skills, which will allow you to succeed at college. Bingo!

Online Tutorials

Not all people have considerable writing skills. Sometimes, they have exceptional teaching skills instead! If you can explain the hardest materials in simple words to the most challenged student of your group – perhaps, it’s time to use your skills to get money. Become a tutor! Promote your services by your social network accounts and ask your friends to share. You will be surprised at how many people seek assistance with their studies.


Now, don’t fool yourself – without significant knowledge you are not able to run a complete social media marketing campaign. However, you can take part in it as a content manager. There are lots of tasks, connected with a social media marketing campaign, located on the freelance websites. You can always read some tips and articles on the topic, explore the social network conditions and start cooperating with some professional SMM managers. It won’t take that much time to learn the basics and at the same time – it will pay off.


You might cry out: “But I am no geek, I study humanities!”. Well, we are talking about quick ways to get some money here and you don’t need to be a geek to accomplish the SEO task I would like to offer you. Actually, you don’t even have to be especially smart for link building. Between us, even a well-trained ape could do it. There are different ways to contribute to this process, and the only problem about link building – you won’t get a high payment for this job. However, regarding the fact that this is not a hard piece of work (only extremely boring), you will most likely be able to get the necessary amount of money by working more.


This section is for you, people, who love to perfect their own images to the godlike level. It might seem weird, but some people live without basic knowledge of Photoshop (sometimes – because they are too lazy to spend their time to study it). Sloth is a deadly sin and people, who are struck by it, always have to pay. And if you know the tips and tricks of the Photoshop you might get profit from it!

Now you can see that there are no problems with finding yourself a job and getting some cash. Don’t lose time, decide on what you can do best and go check out the freelance websites. I bet there is a customer who waits for your services right now.

Melissa is a student of journalism. She is graduating this year and is working on her own project Studday dedicated to deliver information about educational trends and opportunities to students all over the world.

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