4 Interview Questions to Impress Recruiters

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Going into an interview, you probably won’t know exactly what questions will be asked, but you know you will be asked questions.  One thing you should remember as a job seeker, though, is that an interview is a two-way street.  Just like you will be asked questions by the interviewer, he or she may ask if you have any questions.  If you are asked this question, you wanted to be prepared with your own set of questions.  Here are some interview questions that can impress recruiters.

What are your expectations of me in the first six to 12 months on the job? – Asking this question gives you an opportunity to learn what your priorities will be in the job early on.  Based on the interviewer’s response, you may decide whether or not this specific job is right for you.  Do your skills and experience allow you to do the job naturally or do you need to learn more in order to do it?

Do you have concerns about my ability for this position? – This question allows an interviewer the chance to express any concerns about you as a job candidate.  Even though you might think this is a risky question to ask, it shows that you are willing to confront any issues in a proactive manner.

Can you go over the history of this job? – Understanding what a position has been like in the past can be a guide to your success (or failure) if you win the job.   How have previous workers done in this position?  What can you do to take it to another level?  How important is this job to the success of the company?  This is the type of information you want to gather when learning more about a job.

Is there a time frame for the interview process? – This is a reasonable question to ask.  After all, you do not want to just sit around waiting for a phone call.  Until you land a job, your job search is your job.

When interviewing for a job, keep in mind that in addition to being asked questions, you may have the opportunity to ask your own questions such as the ones above.  However, don’t just bring some that you can find the answers to doing research.  Ask questions that show recruiters how much thought you have put into learning more about the job you want.

What is the one mistake way too many job hunters make as they head into a job interview? They assume the interview process is a one-sided conversation. The most successful job seekers, however, aren’t just prepared to answer tricky questions…. they have some questions of their own up their sleeve…

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