5 Tips on Creating a Resume that Will Land You Your Dream Job

Posted December 18, 2014 by
Dusty Fox

Dusty Fox

To most of us in the working world, certain jobs attract our attention and stand out from the rest. And when you decide to apply for your dream job, you know that you’re going to have to step up your game. That means taking a cold, hard look at your resume and finding ways you can make it even better. If you’ve got your mind set on a dream-worthy job, whether for an international company or a local business, chances are that the competition is tough. You’ll definitely need to be prepared for an interview and sell yourself to the hiring manager, but first things first–you need to get that interview by impressing them with a winning resume. Here are 5 tips you should follow to whip your resume into shape and land that perfect position:

Don’t get too long-winded.

Unless you’re a seasoned pro with decades of experience under your belt, it’s highly unlikely that your resume should be longer than 1 page. Work on shortening up descriptions of your experience so it can be listed as bullet points rather than in paragraph format.

Make it comprehensive.

There are basics that every resume must have, such as contact information, details about your degree, and prior work experience. But don’t stop there. Many employers are looking for something extra special beyond the traditional resume material. Briefly list important volunteering you’ve done or unique club or board memberships that are relevant to your career.

Talk about results, not just about you.

Try to be humble while still calling attention to major accomplishments in your college and professional careers. It’s great to list a 4.0 GPA or mention your status as class secretary, but be sure to include other, less conventional achievements, like being on a science fair committee and helping double attendance through your efforts, or developing a fundraising campaign for a charitable cause that garnered terrific results.

Make it personal.

Many industries have different expectations when it comes to resumes. If you’re applying to a digital design boutique, your resume better look unique and indicative of your personal brand and identity. If you’re applying to an accounting firm on the other hand, stick with clean lines and easy-to-read fonts. Customize your resume to your field so you look relevant and in the know.

Don’t let a single error get by you.

As the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression. And if you have a handful of spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, or other typos on your resume, you’re not making a very good first impression at all. In fact, some HR managers admit to tossing out a resume as soon as they spot a typo in order to cut down on the volume of applicants. It is always smart to hire an English expert, like a tutor, who can help you create a flawless resume.

If you’ve decided to apply for your dream job, congratulations! Making the decision to do so and believing in your own capabilities is a huge step in the right direction. Invest some time into revamping your resume, or even starting from scratch, and HR managers are sure to notice. Creating an updated resume is a rewarding process that allows you to look back on your accomplishments and take pride in what you’ve done. Enjoy the journey and set your sights on new successes!

Dusty Fox is a full-time world traveler and freelance writer who contributes to the Ivy Trainers network. Visit the Ivy Trainers website to learn more about the services they offer.

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