7 hard jobs of great importance

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Melissa Burns

Melissa Burns

Nowadays it is very popular among students to despise every kind of office work. We are obsessed with the ideas of startups and exciting jobs, tightly connected with travelling and interesting tasks. However, being an office monkey is not that bad – your fate could be much, much harder. So, whenever you start whining about hardships of the office life next time, while sitting in a comfortable office armchair and sipping from a cup of hot coffee, just think of the following list of seven jobs not a single sane person would want to have, though they are much more necessary and useful than most office positions.


The danger of this job cannot be overestimated. You could cut yourself or get crushed by a fallen tree. And though some people tend to romanticize such risk, in reality it’s less attractive than it might seem.

Enlisted Military Personnel

There are certain possibilities to make a career in the military, that’s true. Besides, girls are usually fond of guys in uniform. However, these privileges can hardly cover the fact that you might get killed every second of your working day, which lasts much longer than standard eight hours. The death of colleagues doesn’t seem especially inspiring as well. And though one might like to imagine himself a shining hero, not so many people dare to become a soldier.

Head Cook

Many people confuse this post with the one of the head chef. But these are completely different types of jobs. If you are a chef, you make the menu and get your salary in classy restaurants – however, if you are a head cook, you get paid hourly, have to oversee the restaurant orders’ execution and, as if all of the above wasn’t enough, head cooks often have to work at fast-food restaurants and schools. Basically, they are the ones, who do all the hard tasks, but hardly get the credit for that.


Assembling and fixing pipes as well as providing housewives with home improvement guides just couldn’t be any easier than office work. Unless you think that getting all dirty while repairing the burst pipes is a piece of cake. Without plumbers we would be helpless as kittens in a pond in case of problems with pipes, but people rarely prefer a useful job over a comfortable one.

Garbage Collector

First reason against this job – nowadays everything gets automatized and soon garbage collectors will be completely removed by special machines. Second reason against this job – it just doesn’t get all respect from the society that it should.

Newspaper Reporter

What is so wrong with this occupation? It’s half-tied on working in an office. However, the amount of stress the newspaper reporter usually gets, is overwhelming. And no matter what the Reporter’s Privilege states, newspaper reporters often get oppressed by the so-called victims of their articles.


This is a truly heroic occupation. The problem is that it is cool to dream of being a hero – and it is not so awesome to face with death every day. Much safer to read the news about such people and to comment on how you could easily do the same thing if you weren’t stuck in the office.

As you can see now, being a cubicle rat isn’t that bad. At least, you don’t have to risk your life or spend your day actually doing something useful. Isn’t it a success?

Melissa is a student of journalism. She is graduating this year and is working on her own project Studday dedicated to deliver information about educational trends and opportunities to students all over the world.

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