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How to write an amazing internship cover letter

William Frierson AvatarWilliam Frierson
December 10, 2014


A cover letter for an internship highlights the answers to 3 main questions:

1. What is your reason to pursue the internship program? The answer to this question will include details such as ‘what do you know about the program?’ and ‘how it is of interest to you?’

2. What is your reason to pursue the internship with a specific employer? You can write about ‘what you know about this employer?’ and why you have chosen an internship rather than a full-time program?

3. How will you best use this internship opportunity to excel in your career? You can answer with details about your short-term and long-term goals.

More tips to impress your prospective employer

1. In your introduction, establish relevance and purpose

Write a good introduction to your cover letterYou know about the passion that is hidden within you. However, your passion can only be explored when it meets direction. Hence you would like your prospective employer to know about your passion. You believe that your prospective employer will be in a better position to understand your career goals. Because only the right employer can give you the right kind of project which will help you to learn, achieve and prosper.

Education will be an ideal starting point to talk about your passion. This will include elaborating the major subjects that were pursued by you in college. You can also highlight your major achievements in these subjects. Your love for a subject can help you achieve the internship offer. This is because employers are looking for both aptitude and attitude. As long as you have the right attitude towards a subject – you can also develop an aptitude.

For instance: Your education is in the architecture field and hence you pursue an internship with a construction company; or you hold a post graduate degree in marketing and hence you would like to be part of the marketing communication department of a company.

Your education is a strong reason, as to ‘why you are looking for specific type of work exposure in your career?’

2. Opportunity meets passion and a dream come true!

If you get the internship you'll likely get a job offerThe employer has created a tremendous opportunity for the right candidate in the form of an internship program. You have the ability to contribute with your skill-set and help the employer to reach the pre-defined goals of the project.

Once you achieve your first goal that is successful performance in the internship program, then there is a high possibility that your employer will offer you further opportunities in the form of a full-time job. Hence, an internship program is a long-term prospect.

You can plan your entire career based on an internship program. All you have to do is take the first step with a clear mind! You will be in a better position to benefit from the present opportunity – if you are able to present your candidature with clarity & focus. It is important that you present your candidature with awareness about the career path chosen by you.

3. Present your knowledge and awareness by answering the following questions:

  • What does the internship mean to you now? You can think about ‘how you can make the best use of this opportunity?’
  • What will you do if you do not get this opportunity? Think about an alternate career path in the same industry.

You are not expected to answer every question in the cover letter letter but you can briefly present your clarity about certain aspects. A typical question that that an employer wants to know (and they may ask you in the interview) is: Where do you see yourself 2-5 years from now?

This question is asked to understand ‘your clarity about your life’! Agreed, that things may not turn out the same way as planned in the future and the best laid plans could go wrong; but the chances of making an error go down drastically, if you have some clarity about your short-term goals.

It is necessary to write ‘how you envision yourself in the future’. In a way, the employer’s future also depends on the employees. This means that your ability to think, analyze and comprehend your career goals is of significance to your prospective employer.

For instance: Look at the personality and career goals of a president or prime minister from a particular country. Why do the citizens look at personality & career details before voting for a candidate? This is because a leader should have the essential qualities to lead the nation. It is proven time and again that a strong leadership can move mountains. Hence, no matter which career path or industry you choose – it is also important to display leadership qualities from time to time. Your first chance to show qualities of leadership comes in the form of the cover letter, then the interview and finally the real-time work at the office.

Letter writing etiquette

Etiquette is important in your cover letterYes, letter writing etiquette is as important as the cover letter writing process mentioned above. Firstly, using appropriate language skills without keeping room for silly grammatical mistakes will make your cover letter readable.

Secondly, a proper structure will make your letter more accessible. You can actually assure your employer about a proper work ethic and discipline by writing a well-structured and well-presented letter. The recruitment manager will not be impressed by wordiness, complexity, and unnecessary jargon in the letter. On the contrary, you can impress your recruitment manager by writing a letter using clear, focused and professional draft.



I hope that these tips will help you and happy internship!

Yohana PetrovicAbout Yohana Petrovic: Yohana is a writer and educator. She has 10 years`experience in educating and now she is a proofreader at You can reach her on Facebook: Yohana Petrovic or on Twitter: @YohanaPetrovic

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