Use Targeted Emails and Banners to Reach Grads, Students by School, Major, Diversity, and More

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You’ve probably heard the quote that you know that half of your advertising is working but you don’t know which half.  At College Recruiter, we help ensure that all of your ads work by targeting them to the grads and students who you want to reach the most.

There’s nothing worse than spending money when you don’t need to – and that’s why using targeted banner ads and emails to reach specific types of candidates is a smart move.  Instead of a ‘shotgun approach’ to hit everyone out there, College Recruiter’s targeted banner and emails deliver your ads just to the exact candidates you need to fill your entry-level jobs and internships.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Describe your ‘ideal candidates’ using any combination of fields such as school, major, year of graduation, diversity, geography, and more.
  2. We pull counts to determine how many of our 17 million college grads and students match your criteria – and give you a detailed quote.
  3. You provide your banner or email ad to us.  Don’t have one?  No sweat.  We’ll work with you to create one.
  4. We deliver your recruiting message directly to your pre-selected candidates.

We drive these candidates directly to your career site so they can apply through your normal process.

Don’t waste any more money or time on ‘shotgun approaches’ that send a lot of low quality candidates to your inbox – spend your time and dollars wisely with our targeted banners and emails.

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