What Professions Are Popular Among Grads in 2014?

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After enjoying and earning a college or university degree, many students now have to think of the future. Where can I search for a job that I want? What is there to expect after graduation? What are the most popular careers for 2014? These are but just some of the questions that almost all students have to face. With the labor market getting more and more competitive, it can be really challenging to find where you can fit in and to find a job that you really want.

To help you get the answer to some of your questions, here is the infographic, “What Professions are Popular in 2014”, created by Essaymama.com. Look at the valuable information and statistics. In this infographic, you can see the top five occupations, statistics of graduate’s expectations and the most popular careers or jobs for this year. In addition, it also has the 2012 John Hopkins Survey of 450 recent graduates. Based on the available information, you get to know what you can expect once you finally graduate and which college graduates are more likely to work low-quality jobs. From there, you can draw important conclusions that can surely go a long way. Knowing the trend helps you once you finally finish your studies.

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Source: Essaymama.com

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