Where Do Your Hires Come From?

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Congratulations, you're hired! says manager to selected candidate

Congratulations, you’re hired! says manager to selected candidate. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

For the past decade, Gerry Crispin and Mark Mehler of CareerXroads have surveyed thousands of employers about where their hires originated. This reliable study (you can get your copy here) consistently points to three top sources:

  1. Referrals;
  2. Employer career sites; and
  3. Job boards.

One point the study makes is critical to understanding how you can improve your hiring efforts: these core sources are interdependent. In other words, you shouldn’t simply focus on one to the exclusion of the other two. They all work together.

How does this play out?

  1. College Recruiter is integrated with all of the leading social media sites, with 200,000 direct connections on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ and 2.5 million views on YouTube.  Nothing makes it easier to refer a friend than sharing a job posting, or other content with them.
  2. We eliminate barriers between you and your candidates.  Unlike our competitors, we never require candidates to register with us…even when they’re applying to your jobs.  And when they’re ready to apply, we send them to your employer career site because that’s better for the candidate and you.
  3. College Recruiter is the leading niche job board used by college grads and students.  Niche job boards reach active candidates – the most likely to apply – better than any other source.  That’s great for quantity but we focus even more on quality by targeting your message by school, major, year of graduation, diversity, and more.

Knowing where your hires originate is critical to recruiting success. It helps you focus on the sources that work best, and avoid those that don’t. As you can see from the above, your presence on College Recruiter is a key part of finding the right people for your organization.

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