5 Skills You Need To Imbibe As A Marketeer

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Trisha Mukerjee

Trisha Mukerjee

After all the hard work and the painful struggle through your graduating years – all you can wish for is a perfect job. Alas, that is not how things work in the corporate world. Your GPA might land you a job, but it is your skill that proves your caliber and whether or not you are competent enough for that job.

The basic concept of marketing – the ability to sell goods and services to a Market. In other words, making one believe in buying something they do not need or want.

So even after getting a great degree like an MBA in Marketing, you might still fall short if you do not have the following skills.

1. People’s Skill: Are you someone who loves being around people? Loves to talk and mingle? Marketing is all about people and more people. You need to be persuasive and talk your way into promoting whatever it is you are promoting.

If you are a loner, and don’t like too many people – then you should probably think for a different career line.

2. Communications Skills: Just because you like talking, doesn’t make you a great communicator. An effective Communicator not only knows how to speak but also when to speak. You need to work on your interpersonal skills, written and oral skills. You should be ‘Anthony’ (Shakespeare’s Character who was known for his oratory skills) of speakers. An orator that everyone stops and listens to.

3. Listening and Analytical Skills: ‘The best way to persuade people is with your ears – by listening to them.’ – Dean Rusk

In order to become a marketing professional, one of the primary characteristics you need to accumulate is to be able to listen and then speak. Don’t just go on a rant, without knowing if your audience wants to hear what you are saying. If you listen before you start to pitch, you would know the demands of your Target Audience and you would be able to mold your words according to that.

4. Ideas and Innovation: Don’t just talk, if you have something in your mind – Do It. Make ideas into innovations into a business concept. Then letting the world know about your idea and making people buy the idea is what marketing is all about.

You always need to think outside your box. Just because one of your ideas has worked in the past, doesn’t mean you can re-use it. Come up with something that is unique, imaginative and creative.

5. Curiosity doesn’t kill the Cat: If you are not curious enough, you would never be able to learn anything new. Always ask questions, clear your doubts – before you pitch. Be curious to know about things around you, this would make you more aware about your surroundings, your competitor and it would give you an edge over others.

Other than these skills, if you really want to make it big in the marketing field, try getting some experience during your college life like Internships, Part time jobs, College events etc. Other than that enhance your IT skills. You need to have basic knowledge about the various tools and learn more about digital marketing. Today is the day and age of virtual life, so it has become mandatory to know all about the online world.

Lastly, never underestimate teamwork. That is what would make your campaign a success in the future. In class or college when you are given team assignments, do them with full diligence and make sure that you learn how to be a leader and a follower at the same time.

Author Bio: Trisha is a professional writer and adviser on education and career. She is an ardent reader, a traveler and a passionate photographer. She wants to explore the world and write about whatever comes across her way.

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