Use Data to Drive Your Recruiting Decisions

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Close-up of a touchscreen with financial data in form of charts and diagrams

Close-up of a touchscreen with financial data in form of charts and diagrams. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

You may find this surprising – but 74% of talent acquisition leaders say that their organizations do a poor job of using metrics in their recruiting process.

Why? Some of it is lack of time – but a good portion simply don’t know what numbers are available and what can be done with them.  But sometimes even when you know what numbers you want, you’re charged more money by your ATS or job board “partner” for access to your own numbers.  At College Recruiter, we think that’s wrong.  In fact, we automatically provide detailed reports every month for job postings and every targeted banner ad and targeted email campaign so that our clients know how many candidates saw the ads (branding) and how many of those clicked through to the employer’s web site to apply.

Now, let’s take that a step further.  These reports allow you to determine your cost per application and cost per hire for your entry-level and internship positions. This type of historical reporting is great for evaluating how your recruiting efforts are doing over a given period of time.

Yet there is more coming with hiring data. You will soon be able to look at days-to-hire and other candidate behavior in real-time – allowing you to modify your recruiting efforts before it is too late. Finally, CEO’s, CFO’s, and other executives are increasingly asking HR for metrics which will help their organizations make strategic decisions such as where to open a new facility or whether to budget for higher wages. This calls for the use of predictive analysis and your ability to deliver those numbers will win you that so-called seat at the table.

Bottom line: using the numbers you have now can make a big difference in your recruiting success – and budget.

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