What is The Certificate IV in Training and Assessment?

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Businessman conducting business training, people sitting in a row, listening

Businessman conducting business training, people sitting in a row, listening. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Organizations are faced with the unique challenges of filling job openings with qualified, well-trained candidates. In order to prepare the workforce with the requisite skills, trainers must be equipped with the right knowledge and expertise to assess and train students. Certificate IV in Training and Assessment gives educators the tools and skills necessary to evaluate candidates. This course has proven to be very popular among people trying to learn more about training and assessment.

Who is it for?

Qualified educators can be more effective in their roles as testing administrators. Any person responsible for conducting and completing workplace training should be prepared with the right skillset in order to deliver quality training and assessment for students. Trainers who are committed to upholding the standards of nationally-accredited vocational training institutions are good candidates for the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment track. Corporate trainers responsible for organizing and overseeing workplace training would also benefit from additional training in this area.

Training audiences

•People planning to enter a role in training and assessment

•Instructors and testers serving registered training organizations

•Professionals acting in a staff or professional training and development role

What do you learn in the training?

Those who are planning to design or manage training programs will benefit from focused training in key areas. Trainers must learn to plan and design learning programs. They receive hands-on training in administering assessments. They gain a deeper understanding of the vocational education and training programs. Students also learn to develop better skills to support corporate and vocational training initiatives.

Skills acquired

•Communication skills: Written documentation, reporting, evaluations, needs assessment

•Teamwork: Working in teams to improve learning programs, manage client relationships, soliciting and providing feedback

•Problem-solving: Identifying risks and hazards, calculating program costs, instructional design of learning programs

•Planning and organizing: Researching content, assessing learning needs, creating action plans, organizing workflow, developing learning groups

•Learning: Self-evaluation and reflection practices, researching frameworks for maintaining skills and knowledge within organization, incorporating feedback into training programs

•Technology: Exploring training delivery options with platforms available, producing better outcome from technology-based training platforms

Professionals in organizations and vocational institutions must be prepared to offer quality certificate iv training and assessment programs for their trainees. High-level training available through The Certificate IV in Training and Assessment program prepares testing administrators for their respective roles in organizations and institutions offering training. The new tae40110 curriculum is perfectly designed to satisfy training requirements for institutions within the vocational education and training sectors. Enterprise trainers, assessors, training administrators, vocational teachers and training advisers would all be excellent candidates for this high caliber of training.

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