It’s All about the Candidate Experience

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Job application career apply vacancy concepts

Job application career apply vacancy concepts. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Recruiting really begins with the candidate – and that’s why College Recruiter is so passionate about creating an exceptional candidate experience. In order for companies to fill their entry-level and internship positions, they need a reliable flow of quality candidates – day in and day out.

What are the key parts of a great candidate experience on College Recruiter?

  • No speed bumps: Unlike other niche job boards, we don’t require our grads and college students to register before they can search, view jobs, or even click to your site to apply. Less friction equals more quality candidates for you.
  • No ‘flashing monkey’ ads: We stripped away distracting (and annoying) banner ads so our candidates can focus on your jobs. Less distraction equals more quality candidates for you.
  • Branding: The best candidates have the most choices and need to understand not just your requirements but also your culture, their job duties, and the people they’ll work with. Unlike our competitors, we don’t charge more for branding like Employer Profile pages, logos on job postings, and even embedding your recruiting videos right into your job postings. Better branding equals more quality candidates for you.

The bottom line? Our passion for an exceptional candidate experience means more – and better – applications for your jobs. That means you can make your recruiting more cost-effective and efficient while building a world-class workforce.

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