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Facing the employer’s expectations when applying for a job

William Frierson AvatarWilliam Frierson
November 24, 2014

Boris Dzhingarov 2

Boris Dzhingarov

We live in a world where students don’t have an exact perspective on the working industry and how they are supposed to manage in this new part of their lives that is about to come. Some young adults still think that grades are enough to get a great job and start your professional careers, but the reality is that you need much more to actually get started, from practical experiences to extra-curricular activities and even hobbies.

So, What Does An Employer Value Most?

It is a difficult question to answer, because it depends on the area of expertise. For some employers it’s relevant to have a degree from a high prestige university, for others school is quite irrelevant in comparison with a practical experience. The key to unlocking this question is to do a little bit of research and discover details about the employer and the company you are aiming for. The best way to do it is to find a person (it can be a friend of a friend) that has had contact with the company and can provide with viable answers.

Additionally here, there are certain fields, like Advertising, PR, Marketing, Communication, where other skills are valued as well. For example, it’s important to have passion and dedication for what you are going to do. This can easily be spotted in the way a student talks about his future career, his enthusiasm and even his courage.

A Creative Resume

There are numerous examples of resumes on the web that have been used by millions in the attempt to get hired. You can even use LinkedIn for your creative resume. The idea here is simple: if you were an employer, would you choose a person that is just like the other 99 applicants or would you choose that sole individual that is different from the pack? Of course you are going with the second answer and that is the reason why you need to be that one individual.

To add, there are numerous examples of creative resumes as well. The best piece of advice is to build up one of your own, that best represents your skills, your vision and your creativity. Some might say that they don’t have certain skills to create such a design, but surely they have friends that know a couple of things about how to arrange certain information in a creative manner. Lastly, it’s important to try and illustrate your resume in a manner that is linked with your field and not something else. For example, you are applying for an account manager job in a company. Create a resume that is connected somehow with the field.

Your Email Address

This last piece of advice refers to the idea of a professional email address. There are many people who got this idea and created online addresses made out of their names only, but there are still others who choose to apply for a job with an email address like “suggargirl91” or “handsomted12”. Stick it as professional as you can because nobody will take you seriously if you have a silly email address.

To conclude, your college years are the best ones, but you need to manage your time in such a way in order to develop certain skills while having fun in college.

Author bio: Boris Dzhingarov is passionate about blogging. He writes for several sites online. You can find more articles from him at BlogForWeb.

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