How the CFPB recruits extraordinarily high performing undergraduate talent through its Director’s Financial Analyst program

Posted November 13, 2014 by
Dave Uejio

Dave Uejio

Warm bodies versus difference makers. Clock punching versus passion. Meets basic requirements versus transformative hire. When your agency is hiring college grads and students, is it focused more on filling requisitions than hiring people who will perform at a high level?

Dave Uejio, strategy program manager for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, will deliver a presentation at the GSA office across from the L’Enfant Plaza in D.C. on Monday, December 8th. Be sure to join us if you want to hire more difference makers with passion who will help to transform your workplace for the better, be sure to join us.

Our eighth College Recruiting Bootcamp training event will feature eight presentations of 20 minutes each by the government’s most engaging, leading experts in hiring and managing of Millennials. We’ll start at 10am, break for lunch, and be finished by 3:30pm. Clearly, this isn’t a recruiting conference seemingly stuck in the 1950’s when time moved slower and we were all less busy. We’re all pressed for time and so the Bootcamp is designed to deliver the maximum amount of actionable information to you in the least amount of time.

Who should attend? Hiring managers, human resource specialists, and other government employees who want to learn how to more efficiently and effectively hire college and university recent graduates and students. No vendors. No career services. No third party recruiters. No job seekers. No selling from the podium. All presenters and attendees will be government employees.

Cost? Way, way less than that three day conference halfway across the country. Thanks to our generous friends at TMP Government, we were able to reduce the cost of tickets from $250 (still a darned good deal!) to $50 (wow!).

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