No Mistaking It: Job Search Sins that Will Ruin Your Interview

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So, your entry level job interview is going great, and you feel confident about getting the job.  Then, what happens?  You make that costly mistake that leaves a negative impression with the interviewer.  While you might be a little bit nervous going into an interview, you do not want those nerves to get the best of you.  Do your best to avoid the following job search sins that will ruin your interview.

Wearing the wrong attire – Your presentation is the first thing an interviewer will notice when meeting you.  Find out what the company dress code is before the interview.  After all, you don’t want to come in for the meeting casually dressed when you should be wearing a business suit.

Keeping your phone on – By keeping your phone on during an interview, you risk being distracted by a phone call or text message.  This not only shows disrespect to your interviewer but will likely cause you to lose focus.  If getting a job is important to you, then turn your phone off or leave it in your car.

Badmouthing a former or current employer – When asked about a former or current employer, don’t use your interview as an opportunity to vent.  Even though you might still have negative feelings about your previous boss, do not express that to the interviewer.  Instead, talk about what you learned on your last job and how that prepares you for the job you want.

Talking more or less than necessary – Make sure to provide answers to interview questions you believe will satisfy your interviewer.  However, be careful not to talk too much that you go off topic, or perhaps even worse, not answer a question at all.  At the same time, understand that every question is not designed to be answered with just a “yes” or “no”.  Provide enough information to support your answer for each question.

Forgetting to follow-up – While your interview may be over, keep in mind that you have not won the job yet.  By forgetting to follow-up the interview, you leave the impression that you did not appreciate the interviewer’s time and that you are no longer interested in the job.  Stay proactive in your job search by sending a handwritten thank you note or an email to the interviewer.  This creates a favorable impression of you as a candidate before a hiring decision is made.

Whether you are interviewing for an entry level job or another position, it is important to be at your very best.  If you are not, then you could potentially commit one of these job search sins that will cost you the chance for employment.  There is no mistaking that.

Would you answer, or even look at, your phone during a job interview? Would you slouch in the chair as you answered questions? Would you lie just to make yourself seem more qualified? As shown in this infographic from Stevens-Henager College, these blunders, and more, are among what employers consider to be

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